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Adults' skin is twice as thick and produces much more fat than the young. Sounds surprising, but at a temperature below zero the liquid requirement is higher.

For example, the complexion gently exfoliates in cold, freezing winds, but it is not advisable to use a moisturizer, ie a high water content cream. Particularly in children who are prone to allergies, they may develop so-called 'winter neurodermitis'. The skin patches are red, dry, blotchy and flaky. Do not expect the baby's face to smudge, lubricate it with a greasy cream kept in a warm place. Paraffin, panthenol and wool grease, as well as natural oil-containing creams are the most suitable. In mountainous, snowy, sunny terrain, we must also think about sun protection. If your baby comes out of the air with a flushed face, he or she has had a good time out there, but as a warning sign, his face will start to glow in the room. Many small children do not want to wear gloves, in which case they should also lubricate the head with grease. Before and after aeration, flavor it with scented warm honey tea. A daily bath to help the skin dry out, it is more useful to shower the little one quickly during this period.
Skin protection against infections

If your baby has a long paddling in the chlorine water, the skin will dry out and become thinner, reducing its ability to resist infections. If necessary, lubricate with greasy cream, lanolin (wool grease). At the beach, swimming pool with a button, an eye-catcher can get a closer look. White patches on the tanned skin can be caused by a harmless fungus species, however, show it as a skin blush. Eczema usually improves with sunlight, and whiter skin also appears in healed wounds. However, you have stubborn and fast-spreading fungal infections when red, growing, round patches appear throughout the body, on the face and on the scalp. The grain is spread by virus infection. Unpleasant little nodules most often appear on the sole. Prevent infant rubbers when visiting a swimming pool. There is no risk of infection on sun or sand. Treat the eyelid with a brush prescribed by your doctor for weeks until it regresses or falls. Smooth water is good for healthy and healthy skin, even if you pinch tiny bruises. No need to worry about scrubbing your small skin, even after a short sea shower, a short shower is sufficient.
Dry leather
Dry skin often appears as early as New Year's Eve, and as the months go by, it becomes more and more tender. The dry skin is tense, itchy, and scratching may result in minor wounds. If, from the outset, we look a little tiny in detail, you may be able to prevent or minimize the problem.
- Do not remove fetal bones after childbirth! The ointment contains valuable vitamins, preventing skin loss and dehydration. After some time, it is absorbed spontaneously.
- Do not soap the child's whole body, but only the buttocks. For this, use a fragrance-free, skin-friendly soap.
- Instead of soap, you can use a pharmacy sponge ointment at any age.
- Avoid bathing whenever possible, preferring showering.
- Do not use foam baths, ink baths. It is worthwhile to use a bath oil or bath oil developed for children. It's not a nice thing, and no scent clouds fill the bathroom, but the baby's skin is protected by the dehydrating effect of the chlorine water.
- After washing, massage the baby's skin with oily hands. Use natural oil containing vitamin E.
- Sensitive, dry-skinned children benefit from sunlight, but only with mommy. Lubricate the child's skin with a moisturizing ointment and, if necessary, a scavenger.
- Replace tight synthetic garments with loose cotton items. Fabrics made from wool, animal hair, and other chemicals used to treat tissue, such as dark dyes, are especially irritating to the skin.
It is difficult for the layman's eye to see if you have dry skin, allergies, eczema or any other skin condition. Be sure to show your child a bit of a cow. Notice the individual factors that are detrimental to a child's skin. It is common for a person to become worsened by symptoms. This is not only due to possible new food or clothes, but also to mental strain.


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