National Vojvodina Service Established Urges Government

National Vojvodina Service Established Urges Government

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According to a new government decision, the National Guard Service should be established.

National Vojvodina Service Established Urges Government

According to the justification, it is necessary that the career and professional life of the defender should be accountable for the future. The concept should be developed by the Ministry of Human Resources by July 1, 2017. The protagonists have developed serious tensions over the past period, Csordbs БgnesThe Hungarian Vйdхnхk Egyesьletйnek elnцke it said it would extend the szьksйges vйdхnхkre get egйszsйgьgyi bйrtбbla hatбlyбt because vйdхnхk not szakellбtбsban megбllapнtott dolgozуk szбmбra bйrtбbla hatбlya alб tartoznak.A vйdхnхk bйrйt bйrtбblбval the kцzalkalmazotti jogбllбsrуl of szуlу tцrvйny szбmoljбk rather than based on the Health Professionals' Chart. This could mean an extra $ 60,000.
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