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You're stricken by the stroller!

You're stricken by the stroller!

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According to a study, British mothers in the first year pushed the stroller 1028 kilometers just to put their baby to sleep.

To make sure that the baby is crushed, mothers take their babies to bed at least six times a week, and each time they do an average of 3.2 kilometers. It is a total of 1028 kilometers in one year, which corresponds to the distance between London and Switzerland. Research has found that after the rocking, walking is the second most popular method of anesthetizing babies. Pampers Baby-Dry In contrast, only 34 percent of parents are helping their baby in the hope of being suppressed by the dream.
According to research, average mothers need to drive just over 3 kilometers before their babies sleep. Specialists believe that the stroller or car movement mimics the movement the fetus has in the womb and therefore sleeps the baby.

Do you push the stroller too much?

Researchers believe pushing the baby in a stroller comes with unequivocal positives. One part is considered part of the daily routine, while the newborn mothers move out and do not feel so isolated. The danger, however, is that when they stop, the baby may wake up again, and no one wants to tumble miles in the middle of the night.
Researchers believe this is why babies should learn to fall asleep on their own with the help of a proper sleep routine and environment, so if possible, it is worthwhile for the mother and the baby.

Is it really that hard?

- In order to interpret the results of the research, one must also know that in the United Kingdom babies do not breastfeed the majority even in the first few weeks of life, so the simplest and safest method of anesthesia, soothing, breastfeeding should not be on the palette. Discuss the topic that the baby should learn to fall asleep alone.
Countless advisory books deal with this subject, though it may not be as complicated as it is not that your baby CANNOT fall asleep, but rather that you can fully understand some of your sleep methods. It is normal for a baby, a tiny child to sleep in his parents' home, in his safe neighborhood - he added W. Ungvбry Renбta breastfeeding specialist IBCLC.
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