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Chemicals that you better avoid during pregnancy

Chemicals that you better avoid during pregnancy

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A recent study first investigated the effects of chemicals on the endocrine system of pregnant women's effects on baby's nerve development. These toxins can be found in food packaging, but also in cosmetics.

Chemicals You Prefer To Avoid During Pregnancy Compounds found in consumer products that damage the endocrine system (hormonal endocrine glands) in the first trimester of pregnancy can have serious effects. Those who were lean in the first trimester of exposure to the chemicals tested had a lower intelligence score at seven weeks, the study said. The current study is also significant because previous research has only looked at one chemical at a time, but people are exposed to many toxic substances at the same time. The study found that exposure to a variety of toxic substances can be harmful, even if the levels of certain chemicals are low in the body.718 mothers measured blood and urine levels of 26 chemicals in the first trimester of pregnancy. These include, for example, bisphenol A (BPA), which is found, for example, in plastic bottles, food packaging materials, and toxic substances such as pesticides, that is to say, in food packaging materials. The 26 chemicals are some they are clearly proven to have a health effect and have a particular effect on the hormone system.Researchers examined children at the age of seven and found that lower intelligence rates for those who have higher levels of chemical exposure in their mothers during the first trimester of pregnancy. The lower IQ for boys was particularly characteristic. In children, the BPA-substituting compound, the BPF, i.e. bisphenol F He added that, at the same time, it turned out that, unlike earlier rumors, it is not safer to look at children than BPA. In the study, the following chemicals are highlighted as compounds that are particularly harmful to the fetus:
- Klуrpirifoszwhich used to be a mosquito repellent, is now used by most popular editors.
- Perfluoroalkyl substances, which can be found in food packaging but also in detergents. (Denmark has already announced a total ban on this chemical, which will be completely phased out by July 2020.)
- Triklozбn, which occurs in products such as toothpaste, liquid soap, or deodorant.
- Ftalбtokwhich are found in laundry detergents, cosmetics, such as body lotions, but can also be found in the packaging of foods.It is worthwhile to be more aware, because everydaychemicals in our consumer articles, or their simultaneous presence not only in adults can cause diseases, hormonal disorders, but it can also influence children's brain development. In fact, some of the compounds cross the placenta during pregnancy, causing irreversible developmental damage during the critical period of fetal development. (Via)


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