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A sheet of paper that you have written completely. Read the best stories about Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding, Dieting!

Our star is Zsuzsanna Udvardi and Balázs, who took the first place in the Baby Room vote. Zsuzsa also wrote in the paper, and she wondered how her children had changed. He wholeheartedly admits that the third is because he is finally a bastard and free.
Everybody brought another story. Esther prepared a complete set up on how to organize the housework with the child, how to have hot lunch on the table at lunch time, and what to do with the leftovers. We also got a lot of great recipes, our favorite banana snack that we can give to babies with peace of mind.
There are also unexpected difficulties, and you have shared a number of educational cases with us. When to see a doctor right away, and is it worthwhile to get a little stuffy? The heroic struggle that Gabor carried out with the cancer had caught our eyes. Now we are all praying for this bad start to be forgotten and for the little one to stay healthy at all times.
Of course, they always remain sluggish. There are thousands of ways to share the big news with your fathers. Birthdays, baby mouths, and the name. You understand who helped with the birth and why you chose the polish, the doctor, the baby, the hypnosis. The fathers did not miss out on the community paper, and we got a lot of important stories about them as well. But you also sent fashionable baby clothes, trendy carry and even denim diapers. See page 92 only!


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