The loss of a toddler

The loss of a toddler

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With the loss of a toddler, there is no more brutal event for a family. Losses, which are just as difficult to cope with, are even harder to accept at this time, so we need to help with the turbulent sensations.


Childhood deaths are defined as deaths occurring under the age of fourteen, which include the tragedies of infants younger than one year, or infant death. Fortunately, Hungarian statistics show an improving tendency, but still lagging behind similar figures in the western European Union countries. This is primarily due to the relatively high infant mortality rate, which is on average double the value observed in the more advanced countries. However, this does not mean that infant mortality is common in absolute numbers, since it occurs in just 6,000 cases.
The most common causes of death during one year of age are illnesses due to premature birth and various congenital anomalies. Later, between one and four years of age, there are other options for losing children. The most common are accidents and, unfortunately, fatalities in which boys are particularly threatened. This is followed by cancer and deaths due to congenital diseases, which in later ages is compounded by the sad cause of suicide. As you can see, external deaths are relatively common, and the easiest way to do this is because we just want our children to grow up in a healthy and protected physical and mental environment that precedes them.

Processing of mourning

The death of children always comes to us unexpectedly, and all such events, even the things we hear about, are very disturbing. One such case can fundamentally shake our faith in the world's predictability and security. In almost all cases, the process of cure entails a greater or lesser sense of guilt. Because our children are in need of our care, they may experience loss of consciousness, which may be increased to mild depression, and in such a situation, the sense of protection is almost always greater. In part because of this, and in part because of the impoverishment of cultural rituals, the process of mourning requires extraordinary personal effort, family or even professional assistance. The role of personal effort is important in overcoming any loss, but that does not mean that you have to forget. After emotional closure, the relationship with the dead becomes internal, meaning that the deceased has an inner memory image, and that this is not caused by his death, but by the common good moods.
The survival of mourning is unique in every case, but we can distinguish between normal and complicated processes in individual cases. Complicated marching can make the healing life especially difficult, and although normal drainage can be burdensome, it does not have serious consequences. Therefore, in order for our deceased loved one to fulfill the spoken or unspoken request, that is, to live an acceptable life after the end of the mourning, few things are worth doing.
If death is foreseeable and not completely unexpected, it is important that we talk to the child, the family members before the death, which will come about. Surprisingly, children are also aware of what their status means, of course, at just the age of their age. Three times a year, I see a dying event similar to a long trip. It is a common experience that the parents of sick children also develop some kind of friendly relationship, which, after a little loss, can provide strong psychological support. But talking about fish is not the only thing. The irresistible communication, the defenselessness does not help the process of mourning. These conversations require honesty, compassion, and a great deal of empathy that will show you when and what you can talk about and when to listen.
In addition to talking, actions are just as important; it is important to be more together with the little one, to help with the care, even when it comes to court. If your condition is so severe that you need to stop treatment, you may want to consider taking it home and taking care of it at home. When the fish came - how unpredictable it was, you could count on it - if we could see the little one.
In the old days, the wash and dressing of the dead was a part of the family's task, but rarely is there today. However, if this is the case, with this heavy duty, we can help you rescue the dead. You can play a similar role in the preparation of a funeral with some help, and of course the funeral itself. The family members find themselves in a more difficult position after the final farewell. In this case, less support is provided and the details of the ceremony organizer are not distracted. Well, this is when you need your healing to be not alone with your senses. It is free to cry, free, even important to express sorrow, and it is essential to discuss all the changes that a child's death brings to a couple's life. In this case, the validity of the maternal and paternal roles is questioned unless there is a sibling for the deceased baby. It can make it difficult to answer certain queries, such as whether the couple has a child. Such and similar thoughts can be facilitated by open communication between the couple's members.

There's help!

There is more and more opportunity for sponsors to be supported today, even within organized frameworks. Especially for those who are losing a small child, it is important to be able to talk to a professional who can provide support for them. Such could be the soul, the psychologist or the psychiatrist, that is, any person whose profession knows the hardships of the healers.
Talking with professional helpers is not a bad idea, and even a few times you can get a lot of grips, so it's worth your while.


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