There is a correlation between blood pressure and the sex of the baby

According to a recent study, the baby's gender can be predicted well before conception - blood pressure can be the starting point.

Numerous horoscopes, haemorrhoids, witchcraft, and the Chinese lunar calendar have tried to determine the tiny gender, but it seems a group of Canadian researchers have a whole other set of ideas. Dr. Ravi Retnakaran, a member of Mount Sinai Kurhazz, Toronto, recently published his findings in the American Journal of Hypertension, according to Ifl science. The 1411 kutatбsban a nхt vizsgбltak who terveztйk the gyermekvбllalбst.Бtlagosan 26 hйttel teherbeesйsьk elхtt you have already megfigyeltйk the kйsхbbi anyukбkat the terhessйgek vйgйn vйgьl 739 and 672 fiъ йs lбny children szьletett.Kiderьlt the kutatбs sorбn that йletkortуl, vйgzettsйgtхl the dohбnyzбs meglйtйtхl , BMI, cholesterol, triglyceride, and glucose levels among women who had higher systolic blood pressure, higher number of infants, and lower risk factors. allowed researchers and physicians involved in the research to conclude that blood pressure, as a factor that has not been studied so far in this context, can play an important role in determining the gender of the unborn child. For the time being, professionals still do not know what the cause of the phenomenon may be.
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