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Pondering a message from an abbot who recently lost a child

Pondering a message from an abbot who recently lost a child

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A father, in his own tragedy, calls attention to parents' consideration of how to rank things.

Image source: grieving dad shared his story about his son losing the price of not spending enough time with his work because of his work. JR Storment, a tech company, was living in a conference room in Portland when his boss called me because the Wiley boys had died. The man didn't want to believe it, he ran home immediately, but his 8-year-old child had really died in the early morning urns. The father's last memory of his boyfriend was that he laid it down the previous night. "Last night was all normal, Wiley was healthy, and we didn't see anything unusual." Our friends had dinner with us, after which we all climbed up on our new trampoline a week ago to jump in a bit, said Dad.
According to JR, his son was always a little heady, and that night was cool. - I was strict with him, maybe too strict that night, and he was self-mourning for that. This was one of the last interactions I have regretted many times since. "I always see in front of myself the lightness on the face," he recalled. In the evening, they ended up hanging out with each other, and Daddy asked him to lie down in the room and wished him a good night.
JR started working from home at 5:40 am tomorrow morning as he attended several meetings that day - but before that he did not leave Wiley or his twin brother Oliver. - I left home that day to say goodbye to the boy or not to check on them. When he saw the boy closest to him, his child seemed to be lying in bed, but he did not die.
Parents learned later that their son died of epilepsy, suddenly and inexplicably. Shortly before his death, Wiley was diagnosed with epilepsy, from which his parents had seen nothing but a brief seizure. Doctors thought that epilepsy would grow into a baby boy then a teenager, and they didn't even mention that epilepsy could be something like that because the chances of doing so were so low.
In the coming weeks, Daddy regretted many things. "I can categorize them into two categories: there are things that I'm sorry I didn't do, and there are those that I think I missed," he said, warning the other parent. "He advises them to take care of their children and not work too long. There are many things in our lives that we think we spend a lot of time on, and we will regret them if we don't have much time to spend." JR would like to remind you and others, too warns everyone not to miss important things.
Since her son's birth, her father has for the first time taken a week off to spend with another child. At the moment, he doesn't even know when he will return to work or whether he will ever return. - For the time being, I don't know how I can go back to work without feeling constantly sorry. To do this, I would have to strike a balance in my work and life that I had never been able to - a balance in which we can offer something to the world, but not in the time taken by the magpie and the sad.
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