Allergies - Your baby may benefit from the bunny

You can reduce the risk of developing an allergy in your newborn baby if you are exposed to mothers during pregnancy - we are researching German based on their animal experiences on the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Pregnant mice, which were inhaled in the air rich in microorganisms, produced allergic-resistant offspring. Pathogens produce a mild inflammatory response in the mother, thus increasing the sensitization of the pathogen Toll-like receptors (TLR) as well as several cytokines, i.e., immune molecules.

Potential pathogens are used to strengthen the developing immune system

According to the researchers, the mother TLRare essential in the defense of allergy, but it is not yet known how the TLR signal elicited allergy resistance.
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In addition, it has been clarified whether the mother's defense against other allergies, such as those found in foods, has been validated, according to a study conducted at Philipps University in Marburg.
It is known that children living in the midst of environmentally ill microorganisms are less likely to develop allergies than their urban or non-agricultural counterparts. meeting newbies. However, it may not be necessary for the child's immune system to come into contact with the microorganisms. It has also been shown that children of agricultural mothers also have a lower incidence of allergy, regardless of whether the child has been exposed to pathogens. The results of the Hamburg study can explain this phenomenon.
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