Cesarean section is not a tragedyMore about cesarean section

Cesarean section is not a tragedyMore about cesarean section

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I talked with mommy moms about what they think about their history. Can such an intervention be processed? What are considered parents?

"I was about to have a natural birth, quasi, so I didn't want to be thanked. (…) That was exactly why life was joking. who was shocked by the cesarean section, but as he put it, "somehow I switched my mind and I went into the task of doing this!" Is it a tragedy that after 9 months of tuning in - naturally and beautifully - the expectant mum finds herself in the breast, often receiving impulses that last months or years?

Chaser after-feelings during a storm

Speaking to women with cesarean section, it soon becomes apparent that many feel that this intervention has taken away the birthing experience. Because of this, I carry a great deal of pain and anger, inertia and guilt, while our surroundings can intensify these sensations with such reactions:
  • It was the easier of the five, but you know it publicly.
  • Are you born with a puppy? You won't be born then!
  • Closer to me, I prefer the cup, the lighter.
All of this has the effect of processing their history with serious mental work, or of not treating them as a tragedy.

They told me about puppy moms

I asked my mummy moms about whether they were surviving and currently undergoing this procedure, and how they had managed to process the mousse dressing. Is cesarean section a tragedy for them?Just be healthyDurri (27) he feels strongly that the cup was not a tragedy at all, for, as he put it, if it had been left to feeble, it might have been an Irish problem. For Durri's baby was wound three times by the cord. Because of what happened, Durri rather miraculously intervened, though it was true that it took months for him to say so. He was also hailed for being "unable" to give birth to a child, but every one of them is hardened by a million years now.Brigitta Vilma (31) His words also confirmed Durri's thoughts: "I was awakened very soon, and I am so happy afterwards that I finally became so. йletйt ".Fanni (25) was also natural for birth, but by week 42, I was trying to get the baby across the night by shelling it with medicine next week. In spite of the unbearable headaches of the 29 urns, the agitation did not go well and the amniotic fluid was mechanical. Because of this, the cesarean section told me: "I don't have any negative feelings about the operation because I know that I and my doctor have done everything we can to keep it going. what happens is that I was not afraid. Perhaps many are afraid of the unknown, but I knew that such a process was taking place.Nicolette (28th) at week 36, they reported that due to the problems they were experiencing (the cord was around the neck of the raccoon baby, little fetal water, little room for the baby). "It just counts to get our hands full!" - said Niki, who believes she doesn't have to worry about myths: "(…) the greatest things in life do not simply fall into our lives." Some have been confronted with the need to be born with a cup just a very early time. Orsi (31) at week 15, she learned that she would help her baby with a cup. "At first I was afraid of the surgery, but I knew I was in good hands, I had a great doctor, and everything about my baby and I was concerned. Maybe that's why I didn't have to worry about accepting this."

"The most wonderful moment of my life"

Probably a lot of honest stories The words of Ramunna (35) were most powerful szбmomra. Ramunna's first baby was born with a second child, and said: "My second child was born with an urgency because of a very slow tone of voice. When my doctor highlighted my baby (...) he immediately showed it to me.> Ramunna, is his mind resting now? <- So this was the most wonderful moment of my life. "

This is your body! So proud of you!

In order not to be tragic about cesarean section, it is important that we accept the changes in our body - and that is emphasized more by the mothers. "I can only advise all moms: be happy with that welding, because if it isn't, maybe not a child!" (Nikolett, 28).Orsi (31) it feels like, "Accepting my scar and body changes is a little harder, but I think I'm good at it because my scar reminds me of what I've had to do, , and I'm proud to be the mother of a wonderful, healthy little boy. "
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