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Shoemaker on Margaret Island - with pictures!

Shoemaker on Margaret Island - with pictures!

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According to members of our editorial board, the Margaret Island itself is a great big ojoy starboard, and it seems like it can be stepped up.

The toys are made from natural materials and meet EU requirements.

If you walk on the Sparrow Bridge to the island you will find an interesting change. You can find one of the country's only doodle swatches, officially released on Thursdays.

Educational board, solar panel
Lamp and surveillance camera.

At the opening Tarlуs Istvбn the mayor revived his past jubilee experiences, rightly raising the idea: "With a little heat, it is hard to see how our children could live in their seventies and eighties." Practicing mother-in-law: we didn't live with skin too much, we can all recreate a glue-sticking adventure, there are some who have wound up in surgery. Today's jet skis are far more secure, and they can take on other tasks as well. The mayor described the educational toys and equipment as an important feature of the Margaret Island Jet. He emphasized that "environmentally conscious city life education cannot be started early and never started".
Karin Olofsdotter, Ambassador of Sweden to Budapest has announced that the playwright is part of a larger project, Green Sweden 2011, which is based on the introduction of Swedish sustainable solutions in Hungary.

Made of environmentally friendly materials

The diplomat said the playground was made from environmentally friendly materials, using environmentally friendly methods. On these information boards, the origin, history, and process of decomposition of the given materials were noted, so adults can learn a lot about the field - he explained. The building of the Foyer is one of the series of programs created by the Swedish Embassy in Budapest, the Swedish Commercial Branch and the Seven Swedish Company, which has been jointly funded by the Govt. With Green City Council, and the With the Environmental Educational Association they were united in their cooperation.

Yes, there is a toilet, from 7am to 7pm.
This has improved the situation on the whole island!

The foyer is located in the northern part of Margaret Island, the Sparrow Bridge and the parking area. The Swedish branch of the project has donated play equipment for the value of 10 million forints, the capital added a net contribution of 22 million forints.

Baby Room:

Our chemists have reported that the island has not only been enriched with a super new playground, but also with a new cultured atmosphere. Only families with small children know what a treasure it is!


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