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Every third high school student is drugged by KATI

Every third high school student is drugged by KATI

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Even though the problem seems to be far removed, it doesn't matter if you are in the picture or in the book! The most striking change in 2010 was heroin seizure and the spread of amphetamines and new designer drugs.

The National Drug Focal Point has completed its national report on the 2010 situation in Hungary. The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) monitors and processes information on a variety of aspects of medicine in the European Union. According to the annual report, the most striking change in 2010 was clearly a reorganization of the structure of drug use: heroin use was diminishing, and amphetamines and new designer drugs were also increasing.
More and more high school students were concerned
The most worrying thing is that according to research conducted by secondary school students in 2010, this year the number of students in grades 9-11 increased to about double. Drug availability of streaming students. About one-third (30.7 percent) of the students have ever used a prohibited or legal drug. The biggest change was seen in the use of amphetamines, where the rate of burnout increased more than that of the instrument. Although drug abuse has been more prevalent among girls in the past, gender data now seem to disappear in this area.
Ratio of lifetime users of each course type to the lowest in 9th and 11th year students, 2006 and 2010 (data in percentages)
Source: 2011 Annual Report on the Situation in Hungary, National Drug Focal Point
There is growing concern about amphetamine and cannabis
Among clients entering the health care system, the number of clients entering treatment for stimulant use increased sharply during 2010, but fewer people sought treatment from a health care facility. Treatment demands for mephedrone use started to increase in the summer of 2010. Mephedrone is characterized by its intensive use, meaning that the drug is consumed several times a day, and that amphetamines are frequently injected or injected, leading to an increase in the need for sterile syringes.
In 2010, the number of opiate-induced poisoning decreased by one-third, while there was a 28-percent increase in amphetamine-poisoning, with another 55-percent increase in cannabis-induced poisoning. This is even more noteworthy data, as most children consider these harmless!
The market for synthetic agents has been reorganized
Last year's most significant drug market development was the transformation of the synthetic drug market: ecstasy tablets have disappeared, and in many cases legбlis powders and tablets containing the psychoactive substance appeared, spreading unusually fast. The popularity of mephedrone (commonly known as KATI) over a few months exceeded that of the most commonly used synthetic drug, amphetamines, with no increase in amphetamine seizures. In autumn 2010, herbal substances, the most popular alternative to marijuana treated with synthetic cannabinoids, continued to spread. In addition, a number of new synthetic active ingredients have been added that are not on the Prohibited List. Parallel to this is the development of a market for cheap, legal drugs on the Internet - mainly their consumption among secondary schools.
Changing clientele: Drug dealers are targeting children
Parallel to the decrease in heroin traffic, the consumption of amphetamines has increased significantly, which not only in the normal world, but also in the field of drug abuse. In addition, mephedrone (KATI) was released in 2010, the most legal yet, and routine data collection systems were unable to keep up. From these statistics, it is only possible to infer the phenomenon, but qualitative and drug market and seizure information justify the rapid spread of the drug.
Last year, there was another major group of drugs, the increased use of synthetic cannabinoids. Primarily, data on efficacy seizures show, but the results of a population-based study, an increase in cannabis poisoning, and treatment experience suggest this. The reasons for the rapid spread of new drugs may be the low price, the low access, the lack of detectability, the novelty and the low risk.
In parallel with the preparation of the New National Drug Strategy, the Ministry of National Resources is making every effort to legislate for new and emerging psychoactive drugs on the drug market as soon as possible. In addition to initiating a blocking list of nine new drugs, in addition to a number of custom list controls, a rule is being developed that would check for chemical similarity. To apply knvnnt ъn. A generic system defines groups of agents that can be structurally derived, derived from a particular compound. Not only is it possible to create a response based on the application of the formula, it is not only possible to respond quickly, but our general group description makes it harder for new, alternative psychoactive substances to be traded on the market.
The National Drug Focus
The National Drug Focal Point is the domestic center of the European Uniform Institutional System for Drug Monitoring: it collects, processes and provides data and information generated in other institutions in addition to its own researches, and provides services to domestic and international organizations. Further information:
Annual report on the situation in Hungary
The annual summary published by the National Drug Control Center examines the development of the Hungarian drug situation according to the standards formulated by the EMCDDA, the European Union Center for Disease Monitoring. A document compiling data on official bodies and other independent surveys dealing with the subject is published in the first week of November each year. The annual reports published so far are available at


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