By the age of five, only half of the babies receive breast milk

By the age of five, only half of the babies receive breast milk

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Although in the first three months, nine out of ten mothers are breastfeeding, and this number is drastically decreasing: by the age of half, infants, and over one quarter, only one-quarter of the babies receive breast milk, a fresh home.

By the age of five, only half of the babies receive breast milk

However, experts around the world recommend exclusive breastfeeding for up to 6 months, and then (continuing with solid breastfeeding) recommend continued breastfeeding. The The first 1000 days of your life's nutrition because it is particularly important: besides its optimal development, it plays a key role in the prevention of adulthood adulthood disease. most complete diets for infants: due to its variable composition, it is always adapted to the actual needs, does not burden the baby's underdeveloped digestive system, strengthens the immune system, and protects against allergic diseases. Bar the WHO (World Health Organization) as a whole recommends exclusive breastfeeding until the age of five, in the 6-month-old baby circle only every 4th baby "It is important that you follow the birth immediate skin contact develop between mother and child, and support newborn breastfeeding, since breast milk provides protection for the body from the very first moment, and also for the first 30 to 40 minutes of a lactation. This type of protozoan is also known as the baby's first vaccine, which, due to the milk sugar in it, also sets the level of newborn glucose. But continuing to breastfeed or possibly even longer, but breastfeeding is just as important, "he said during the World Breastfeeding Dr. Csaba Nбdor, head of the Honinadkurrhazz Perinatal Intenzen Center.

Most of all give up due to breast inflammation and decrease in milk

The propensity for breastfeeding decreases many times physical problems cause every third mother is confronted with. According to domestic data, six mothers of premature infants complain that milk is too low, but the second most common problem is inflammation of the breast and nipple. it is also important that less stress and social pressure on moms who have problems with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding provides infinite protection for the baby and every drop counts. Breastfeeding Mom also has many benefits: promotes uterine congestion, reduces postpartum bleeding, helps moms regain pre-pregnancy weight, and reduces diabetes and breast cancer.

Premature nutrition can have serious consequences

Recent research also reveals that a significant portion of moms (though in most cases they know what's right) start prematurely or with inadequate food: so much like a mom for example, even at the age of 1, it gives birth to a child that is intended for adulthood.Especially after the end of exclusive breastfeeding, it is important to continue milk-based diet and nutrition should be started at the times and in the order recommended by experts. Even too early consumption of water can be harmful: even though breast milk is so Provides a protective layer on the intestinal wallwhich prevents the entry of bacteria and viruses into the bloodstream, for example, the water washes away this defect. " and iron deficiency anemia it also increases the risk. Milk-based nutrition (breast milk or lack of formula, then junior baby drink), or overall diet for the first 1000 days of life, is of paramount importance. Adult diseases such as obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease can be prevented in adulthood, "he said. Erdélyi-Sipos Alnz, General Secretary of the Hungarian Dietetic Association. Detailed information and further assistance for parents can be found here.
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