Cuddling works at the DNA level

We already knew that nurturing has a good effect on newborns, and that is why so many parents practice skin-to-skin contact in the initial period.

Cuddling works at the DNA levelHowever, a new study from the University of British Columbia has revealed that the effect of grasping on the little ones is much stronger than we have ever thought.
Research has shown that the perception of healing and nurturing has a long-lasting effect at the molecular level, for years to come. Pregnancy virtually alters the genes of the babies. The researchers followed 94 newborn babies and asked their parents to keep a diary of the babies' eating, sleeping, and waking . So, one and a half years later, DNA samples were taken from the children.

Less well-dressed babies are thicker

It has been shown that babies that are less draped or picked are much leaner than infants, and molecular data in their cells are "underdeveloped" by their age. "Slower epigenetic development may result in a less favorable general developmental process for children," he said. Michael Kobor professor at the University of British Columbia.
Children who had less physical contact in their infancy were lower in their "epigenetic age" as well as half a year. "We plan to continue researching and see that this is" biologically irrelevant " the health of children, with special regard to psychological development, "he said. Sarah Moore, head of research. "If further examinations confirm the initial results, more emphasis will be placed on the importance of physical contact, especially in heavier babies." not only does it affect the cells of the little ones, but also their brain. According to a study by the Nationwide Children's Hospital of Ohio, if parents (or caregivers) show affection for the baby from the start, it will have a lasting effect on how the little brain, and the weaker, will react. So dear mommy, welcome up!Related articles on Gentle, body contact:
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