For Enik, horses helped their development

The therapeutic effect of animals is still not well known in Hungary. Find out what the horses got from the horse!

Major Enikхre I found it on the horse riding area, grassy area. The beautiful gray teenage girl grazed a dark-skinned horse, Nymph. They've been through this day's training. He rides his bicycle three times a week and spends his Sundays here.
"There's nothing to do without horses," he points out. - Cleaning the stables, maintaining the leashes, feeding, watering, caring for the horses before and after riding is all our job.
Enikh Waldorf, a ninth-grade year-long agricultural practice, spent two weeks in this riding farm. He was happy every day, though hard physical work was waiting for the fragile body: trotting, railing, and horsemanship.
During his elementary school years, Enikõ progressed more slowly than his comrades, struggling with dyslexia. This led him to think hard to get a book in his hand, but he also had problems with texting. A major breakthrough was the recording and performance of his 8th-grade year's work on horses and racing. Throughout the year, he searched through the literature and read articles: he overcame horseshoes.
- Horseback riding gives you the power to learn, it helps you focus. I enjoy being out there a lot, and when I'm riding, I'm completely transformed, calm down. That's another status. I have some serious results in dressage, I can finally say I'm good at something!

Riding therapy can help

For sixteen-year-olds, reading is a joy to read, and she has progressed fantastically in her studies and her own achievements so far. She is planning to take the English intermediate language exam, which is a tremendous achievement in dyslexia. If he succeeds, he will get his own horse from his parents, which is a serious expense for the family, and Enik will also contribute to the retention. In the meantime, he's studying hard, training, drawing horses, and planning to have his own riding club once.

What does the psychologist say?

"Riding has many therapeutic effects," says Judit Szхdy, a psychologist. - This symmetrical, dynamic form of motion helps to organize brain connections, which is particularly important in dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia. A dyslexic child usually goes through a lot of school failures because he is not stupid, but his results are bad.
If you are successful in horse riding, or simply feel that the animal accepts it as it is, it can ease your anxiety a great deal. If the horse and horse riding are passionate, it is a serious motivation to read horse books, novels, and so your reading skills develop. Of course, helping a developmental teacher is also essential in alleviating your mental disorder!
You can read about animal assisted therapy here.
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