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Is it wrong if your baby falls a lot?

Is it wrong if your baby falls a lot?

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Most babies tend to fail during the first few weeks. This is completely normal for both breast milk and infant babies, as their underdeveloped digestive systems can cause some food to fall back. How long is failure normal? And when to worry?

Breastfeed after breastfeeding!

The main reason for the failure is that at the same time you get too much breast milk or formula the baby. If the milk reflex is too strong, or if the baby is breastfeeding excessively, you can suddenly swallow a lot of breast milk. If you eat it in a hurry, you may also swallow air with your milk, which will also lead to failure. from failure, it always seems to be more than it really is. If the fall does not bear the baby, if the weight grows so well, there is no cause for concern.

Characteristics of failure

- First appearing directly after a meal, but it can be up to 1-2 hours later
- Occurs at least once a day at 0-3 months
- Most typical at 2-4 months
- The majority of infants develop 7-8 months of age
- At the age of one, there are hardly any babies who fail after eating

What can you do to reduce your buck?

Breastfeed more often! If your baby is eating too many times, you help him or her by making small portions easier to eat.Change your breastfeeding position! If the baby is in an upright position, gravity will also be of help. Breastfeed so that it is implanted in your mouth so that milk does not flow as much into your mouth as when lying down or in the mouth, but you can try breastfeeding if you are breastfeeding. If you walk with her during breastfeeding, it will reassure her that she will eat slower.After breastfeeding, place five in a vertical position: put on your shoulder and pay for 20 minutes after eating. If you breastfeed both of them once, you should also take a break from your baby's choice. tбplбlйkallergia or sensitivity may be present in the background of the crash. It can help a lot if a breastfeeding mother leaves dairy products for a few weeks. If you are experiencing an improvement afterwards, your baby is probably sensitive to dairy products. you change your diet, there are formulas that are specifically designed for sensitive, reflux babies. If you have too much of a baby after eating, if you are radiant, or if you have reflux, you should definitely consult your pediatrician.

Characteristics of reflux

- The baby falls several times a day or loses his / her baby, apparently also in pain and pain
- Often whoops, hiccups, bad breath
- You seem to feel sick, flabby, stingy, can't sleep If your baby breasts when you refuse your breast, if you have difficulty swallowing, if your fall color is not white, but is yellow or green, is faint, losing weight, if you experience breathing difficulties, condition refluxFight for the small and the fastest you need medical help, advice. Article source and more information on La Leche Liga.Related Articles in Failure:
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