Signs of nervous impotence

Signs of nervous impotence

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Nervous system irritation is a developmental defect in any part of the brain. What signs should a parent pay attention to?

Signs of nervous impotenceWhen parents hear from doctors that the child is suspected of having nervous system irritation, they are usually very scared. But what does this term mean? Nervous irritability means that there is some deficiency in the child in some area of ​​development. It can manifest itself in movement, social as well as intellectual development, I learned from Shakkour Eleonurra, conductor of the Children's Hospital in Swabia.

When does the parent notice the first signs?

If the baby was affected by some form of fetal disease or during birth, the nervous system or malformation of the HPV system did not develop properly. After birth, the baby may notice the obvious signs of nervous irritability. Such as very tight muscles, epileptic seizures, lack of breast reflex or lack of contact between mother and child. In this case, the neurologist performs the first examinations in the hospital and sends the child to an appropriate specialist (eg conductor). For these children, it is very important to start developing mobility in New Year's Eve.

What are some of the symptoms below that may alert the baby to nervous system irritability?

A child must be fluent in sentences up to 3 years old. Then we can talk about nervous system disorder, if your speech doesn't start (or the child uses only words instead of sentences); or if he only speaks, but inadequately (for example, the baby says he is autologous or still speaks "gossip". if the child's speech development is not triggered by the community. In this case, you should first go for a specialist examination (see if there is a physical problem with the nose and nose) and then you should seek help from a speech therapist. if the child is below the age range for physical activity, movement co-ordination is not good (cheats, stumbles, falls many times), balance, balance problems. up if disturbance in attention the parent is experiencing (unable to listen to a story, hyperactive). May indicate a problem if behavioral disorders report to the child (unable to fit in, play alone), or fбradйkony, the game status quits soon. The underdevelopment of the game can be a warning signal (lack of role, circumvention of rules, lack of interest) .If 5 years old sucking his finger, construction pisil, light, sound, touch sensitive to the child, it is also worth contacting a specialist.Serious warning sign if the child He does not draw or color by the age of 5-6 years even when your comedians are drawing - emphasizes Shakkour Eleonou. is not clear about the directions, ha mixes the right and left sides, and it has no established dominance.

Who should we turn to?

First of all, a visit to a neurologist is recommended-suggests to Eleonou. The neurologist can determine which area of ​​the brain is underdeveloped and suggest appropriate therapy for parents.Related articles in Nervous Irritability:
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