In Europe, fewer people trust vaccines

59 percent of Europeans think that mandatory vaccinations are safe. There are 79 percent in the world. Trends also show that fewer people have confidence in vaccines.

The Guardian reported recent research results reviewed by 444, according to which there is a high level of mistrust in vaccines in Europe, higher than the global average. And so is it not only in the East but also in the West.In Europe, fewer people trust vaccines According to research, 59 percent of people in Europe think that mandatory vaccinations are safe, only 50 percent in Western Europe, while the same proportion is globally 79 percent, while in Europe, France obligatory vaccinations. Most northern countries have a higher level of trust in vaccines (73 percent). The oltбsellenes movement йs bizalmatlansбg against vйdхoltбsokkal large mйrtйkben цsszefьgg the egйszsйgьgy the orvoslбs йs bizalmatlansбggal against national kormбnyokkal is.Leginkбbb their fogйkonyak the oltбsellenes disciplines who йlik a kulturбlis kцzegbхl jцnnek, or are their everyday lives, suspicious that бltalбban against the tudomбnyos felfedezйsekkel . There is also a big blow to the inefficiency of the media, where virtually anything can spread. .It is reportedly a key concern that the confidence of current generations is strengthened in the field of patronage because trends clearly point to the opposite.
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