The first baby food

Preparing your first baby food is a great opportunity to let the whole family (Newborn) realize what a wonderful taste of potatoes, starches, roasts, beans, sourdough, all.

I disappeared immediately

And how many different little ingredients can be combined with each other! For example, who would think that a combination of steaks and zest is a delicious snack, and that zest and zest can be a fantastic puree? Or call them more cookers?

The first baby food

Well, this name doesn't quite stop the place, as it does cooking is usually not su. All of the foods in our recipe mix were prepared using a raw material process. In other words, we do not cook the chopped vegetables in fresh water, but we cook them in the oven, we cooked them in the oven, we only had to cook them for the purpose of cooking, of course, they also need to cook.


We recommend the first snacks after breastfeeding. Never force the meal! Let's introduce one new ingredient at a time, and wait for the next four days. There is a need for caution and graduation because it is easy to spot when the baby allergies to any of the fruits or vegetables. If you have unexpected constipation or diarrhea, you do not have to guess which food is causing it.

Starting food

Herbs, cereals, and fruits are first intended for babies that are rarely known to cause allergies. These are: potatoes, yellow rape, apples, chestnuts, roasts, beets, oatmeal, grits, rice. Do you look light? It's not! Baby too there is no need for greater variety.
Potato: Wash thoroughly and then simmer for 30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. We choose the yellow-haired variety, for example Ella, because it is wonderfully soft, creamy and can be lightly printed with fork. We cut the baked potatoes in half and scoop out the inside with a small spoon. That's what the baby gets! It is best to mix it with a little breast milk, but it may also be easy for you to eat it on its own.
Sьtхtцk: wash, cut into quarters, and bake in a oven at 200 degrees Celsius for seventy to thirty minutes. From this point on, it is prepared in the same way as potatoes.
Apple: can be tasted raw, grated on apple grate. We can shake it out of the shell (200 degrees Celsius for seven minutes) and then scoop it out like a potato or a pot. So you will have another taste!
Chestnut: Simmer softly in light water, under a lid, lightly peeled myrrhite chestnuts. Squeeze it and mix it with hot broth or breast milk.
Sбrgarйpa: Thoroughly wrap the washed wash cloth. The temperature at 200 degrees Celsius is уrбn бt. Let's shake off the skin and blend in a little breast milk.
Rice (or corn flakes, oatmeal): Cook softly with two tablespoons of rice for fifteen minutes, pour off the water, then blend the rice with some breast milk.

Two raw materials

If the first attempts have been met with a positive reception, proceed with the following pairs:
Apple Stew Drink: We mix two tablespoons of buttermilk and the same number of buttermilk with one deci boiled and cooled water or breast milk.
Pьrйvбltozat: mix the cooked ingredients in half and half, a total of one teaspoon, and simmer with breast milk or boiled water.
Cékla Stokes drink: Mix two to three slices of tossed, cooked, targeted two tablespoons of bacon and one deci with boiled water or breast milk.
Sorghum apple drink: We shred four and a half tablespoons of chopped bacon and two tablespoons of apple compote with a deci compote or breast milk. In this case, the apple complex is the evaporation of apple slices in several decilitres of water.
Hint: We recommend pancakes with outside curved edges, thick wall glass or plastic jars, not baby bottles! Since you have a lot of rich drinks, we can also serve a main course.
Chestnut potatoes: as described in the "single-ingredient" paragraph, and then mix the parts in equal proportions.
Oatmeal cakes with apples: We soak three and a half tablespoons of oatmeal in it and then cook it with water or skimmed milk to make a thick dish. Apply the apples, then grate them uncooked and mix in the cooled oatmeal.
Apple chestnut: Mix the steamed, steamed apple slices with lightly boiling water and 5 chestnuts.
Hint: You do not have to shower, you have nothing to sugar! These ingredients are already edible.

Three raw materials

The third ingredient can be two corn or fruit grits, oatmeal or rice, or two or two cubes of oil. So, you can make your calories more calorie friendly, help plant whites and vitamin A. Cook the groats, rice, oatmeal in water before mixing with the roast, the rapeseed or the target, the apples.
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