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At home, it costs a lot more to manage your SMA baby

At home, it costs a lot more to manage your SMA baby

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She deceived the family by saying that it would cost $ 138 million instead of $ 68 million to treat a SMA baby who was not supported by health insurance.

We also dealt with the case of a baby who suffers from Spinal Cord Dystrophy (SMA) and has not received support from a health insurer for hopeful drug treatment. The family arranged a fundraiser to raise the required 68 million forints, but it turned out that in Hungary the treatment costs not 138 million forints.Much more expensive to handle SMA baby in Hungary (photo: Facebook) This amount was reported in the RTL Club report and confirmed by the Index of SMA Hungary. According to this, six injections should be given in the first year to patients with SMA under hospital conditions. The first three injections are given at two weekly intervals (days 0, 15 and 30). One injection should be given one month later, followed by an additional injection every four months. The patient will need to receive repeated injections every 4 months for the remainder of their life, so the treatment will cost the patient $ 69 million a year. We are s kislбny nagybбtyja who brought alapнtvбnyt lйtre child gyуgykezelйsйre, miutбn last year egйszsйgbiztosнtу elutasнtotta kйrelmьket. the csalбd you dцntцtt ъgy to megprуbбljбk adomбnyokbуl цsszegyыjteni the pйnzt. So far, HUF 55 milliу йrkezett the alapнtvбny szбmlaszбmбra. "miutбn a 2017 patent New Account we have tried hard to create the foundation, nor did NEAK We have not received any official information about the drug from the Hungarian company, "Seres Бbel told the Index. You tried to get full. In a 2017 article, it was read that the three injections needed to start treatment in Europe cost about 270,000 euros (about 68 million forints). This is because, according to the fьgg betegszбmtуl the adуkцrnyezettхl the gyбrtу йs of that egйszsйgbiztosнtу egyйni megбllapodбsбtуl.Seres Бbel Possible to gyуgyszert kьlfцldrхl ezйrt in the бrйrt tudjбk szerezni.A spinбlis izomatrуfia (SMA) is a rare genetic йs sъlyos betegsйg, the muscles gradually leйpьlйsйt means. It is estimated that there are 300 SMA patients in Hungary. The new and very expensive genetic medicine is able to slow down or stop the progression of the condition, but not everyone brings improvement. In 2018 it spent HUF 1.2 billion. More than half of the applications submitted were subject to a positive appraisal.
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