They paint on the asphalt

They paint on the asphalt

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Asphalt drawing is the favorite of the elderly in high school! We need to buy big colors of colors, thick chalk, or looking for red-scratched pieces of wood, whitewashed mousetrap, and direction of the playground, parking, fountain.

Everyone draws the same thing, after that it is interesting to compare how much we see and draw the same thing.
We start with a drawing, like a circle or quadrant, the little kid goes on. What will become of it?
We draw a house, a street, a little farther down the playground, and then a grocery store, the grandmother's house. Let's play transport! How does our seedling go from one place to another?
We draw a typical fairy tale figure, do you recognize which fairy tale you are?
Let's tell our story and draw what we say and draw it. Sooner or later, our little child will turn on, change, and shape our drawings.


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