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That's how the baby sleeps

The development of the fetus raised in defense of the mother body occurs in cycles and rhythms. In order to understand mental function, we need to know one more thing about the sleep-wake rhythm that occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The role of cycles

The бlomtevйkenysйg for understanding, we need to know that what happens to the baby in the mother's body takes place in cycles and rhythms, which the baby keeps in later life. Fetuses develop the first trimester of pregnancy their sleep-waking rhythm. Among others, one Stirnimann researched in this topic.
He compared the newborns of Peak and the pub women. Women in dual occupations go through another daily waking cycle. The bartenders work during the day and the bastards at night. The newborns brought their mothers into their sleep-wake cycle, so the babies' baby nights were up and sleeping in the daytime, while the pub babies lived according to normal daily rhythms.

The definite REM phase

Is the fetus alive? Well, we can infer the fetal brain activity from the so-called REM phase. THE REM means rapid eye movements that can be observed exclusively during mental activity. Recently, the REM phase has been recorded in fetuses since the fifth month, so babies in the womb have been shown to be fascinated by this period.
We know that newborns spend most of their days sleeping (except for babies in the maternal-fetal relationship development program who are very active and communicative during the day), about half of which is spent by REM. This means that the newborns have a lot of dreams, bigger than us, grown up.

It's a bliss

After birth, the baby's physical activity decreases in parallel with the increase in Frequency of REM phases. Some research from this has concluded that babies, as they move more and more limited due to their growing size, begin to think, act in the head, that is, increase their activity in the brain.
Researchers also found an interesting correlation when they showed that under the mother's mental activity, moving fetuses become immobile, and when the mother does not move, they begin to move. You'd know what's going on. In any case, it is fair to say that to a certain extent babies are able to "read" in their mother's mental capacity, especially if it applies to them.
French studies have shown that if the mother gives birth to the baby or thinks about it, the baby responds with a change in heart rate.
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