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Windy baby: diet is the solution?

Windy baby: diet is the solution?

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Part of the breast-fed baby may be characterized by its width, increased gasification, and the accompanying, unpleasant symptoms. In these cases, of course, the mother leaves one meal after the other ... but would that really be the solution?

Breast milk has a number of beneficial effects, providing valuable nutrients and antibodies against diseases in the baby's body, but unfortunately, it can also induce substances that cause digestive problems and increased gas production. Of course, it can have uncomfortable symptoms, from crashing to slimming, slanting, to stomach. Usually, these symptoms occur two hours after breastfeeding and feeding.Do you have to give up all food when your baby is windy? But what foods can cause complaints? Not only do you have to see what you eat right before breastfeeding, it is worth looking back at around 72 hours. May cause increased gas formation, for example high fiber foods, pastries containing whole wheat flour, fruits (mainly apricot, plum, pear, citrus fruit, prunes), light green (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, sprouts, kale, sprouts). Among the lesser-known "criminals" we can find onions and garlic, but also herbs that contain a lot of starches, such as potatoes. Be careful with milk and dairy products, and you may find that coffee or chocolate what can be done in this case? Of course, most moms will immediately give up on all the meals that cause them trouble (they may not even dare to taste them), but experts say this is not necessarily the best solution. "In my experience, an overly unanimous, strict diet is one of the factors that cause mothers to stop breastfeeding prematurely," he says. dr. Ari Brown gyermekgyуgyбsz. "It's a much better solution if let's just leave those foodwhich are proven and unequivocally problematic, and not just assuming that the baby will be windy. " The less food we have, the less difficult it is to have a balanced, healthy diet! some of the baby swallows a lot of air while eating, and they produce their own gas (which is part of healthy digestion) - which is independent of what the mother eats. It may also be the case that the width of the baby remains even if the mom is eating only the "safest" food! (Via) This might also be of interest:


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