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Baby Psyche - Composite Communication

Baby Psyche - Composite Communication

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Communication between the mother and the fetus can be very dull, leading to a profound understanding, a feeling and an exchange of thoughts.

The mother-child bond is already established during pregnancy

The mother's empathy is decisive when it comes to contact and communication. That is, how well your child can feel the message. Empathy is usually about what can and cannot be given to others in the world of the inside. What can be given to what others think is meaningful creates humane spiritual unity. What cannot be given, that is to say, cannot be interpreted by others, leads to spiritual isolation. If a pregnant mother does not understand a baby's communication, it means that her baby cannot be divided or understood.
So it does not connect, but selects, isolates. If the mother and baby have completed the bonding space, then virtually all relationship-related events can be discussed. Yup, for example, a pregnant woman who, if she had trouble with her baby sensing, suggested to me that she wanted to feel and understand her, so she would come closer to her heart when it wasn't hard for her. The little one did it. Otherwise, he didn't quite feel where his little head was. You hired him, signal him because you want to caress him. The baby nodded.

The baby turned

Another interesting thing to mention is the relationship analysis of the same little baby. Your child is in a high-lying position over the end of her pregnancy. The mother was worried that she would have a more complicated parenting. Despite my multiple suggestions, she didn't want to ask the fetus to turn around. Then, on one occasion, there was a very significant motif that the mother, and even the mother of the mother, was born with a tail. At that time, I strongly suggested that you get close to the baby: I may have accidentally let you know that I was born with a jeans and you could buy it so you would be good at it. However, that does not mean that you have to do as I do.

Perfect bindings

The communication, with the unconscious information of the expectant mother, was about to be identified. The baby turned upside down that night, then changed his position several times. The case illustrates the complexity of the multiple-mother-fetus relationship and the role that unconscious processes play in it. Just as the emerging bondage has many other beautiful examples, it is a manifestation: a baby started to move the moment his mother walked into the baby shop to buy her clothes. Or, twins kicking their moms between them.
The work was lengthy and took weeks. When she tied her little girl, only the little girl moved, and when her son, then only her son moved. I tell you, I was in daily contact with our children. After a long absence, they did not respond to my caress. Then I said to them: "I feel like you are angry with me now because we haven't met you. it is not like that. I love you very much. You are sensing now as I am here with you. " After that, the children shook hands with immense force. I admit, it was the middle component, trying to block every possible symptom path.

We learned about the baby

In relationship analysis, we learned a lot from mothers who found it difficult to connect with their baby and urged us to try to be creative and to lead them in difficult situations. My colleague and I know that we have learned at least as much as we could from a capable little baby in a relationship.


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