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Motherhood made me a better man

Motherhood made me a better man

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Being a mother is the biggest and noblest task a woman can bring to life. But what we get from him forgets all the hardships. Every fight we fight with him carves a better man. Anna Jordan hesitated.

Before we get into it, let me take a look at what the woman I am presenting looks like. I have a butter patch on my Nazi I've been wearing for three days. A few minutes ago I smiled a little when I celebrated it because my pelvic floor muscles were tropical (thanks to baby 2 and 3). I have a Batman wound patch on my thumb because I cut my fingers together with the onion when one of the little "MOM!" I turned my head to spend. At the beginning of the week, I was crying that my ubiquitous tomboy was noticing that I had a coffee spot on my shirt under my breast. I know what it feels like to be away from home. My husband and I worked in a brothel in Brazil, and thanks to my experience there, I am today the kind of person we raise our children the way they do.And in the near future we talked to a friend who has no boyfriend or children. He said he sometimes wanted to read something about my kids, but he didn't want me to feel that my mother was completely upset by my mother. Somehow he said, "I don't want you to think I forgot or were there before." Of course he didn't say it because my family would have changed me, but because he knows I do a lot of other things as a parent I'm intrigued, so am I. It's complicated and simple, because motherhood is like a foreign trip. We get into completely different milieus, change us, transform all our elements. I am, and I dare say, I am better. Yes, because of the little men who chase me on the verge and shove my foot with my arrow and my lunch, I became more. They may seem sometimes dirty and messy, but I am less collected than my old self, but I do say that I love myself so much. Those little little beasts are constantly grinding on me, training, challenging me, and developing in ways and areas I never thought possible. Because of them, I became a better friend, and because of them, I will be a better wife. Of course, they made me a better cook, much less motivated and much more devoted. I'm becoming more patient, weaker and more domineering. Maybe I'm not that sexy, but the fact that "round the world" looks at me makes me feel okay.The motherhood has inspired every little part of me. This is the greatest lesson and life experience I can ever live. Why change it? I'm a much better person since I became a mom.
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