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Why are children depressed?

American researchers have discovered areas of the brain that may play a role in the development of childhood anxiety. The results may help develop novel methods for the detection and management of disease in vulnerable children.

"Anxious children suffer from extreme anxiety, chronic anxiety, and a greater physical response to stress. We know that these children are much more vulnerable to anxiety, depressed develop them and the use of different drugs for emerging diseases, "he said. Ned. H. Kalin, chief psychiatrist of the Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and the University of Middlesbrough. Kali and Coll. amygdala And it is the elephant hippocampus - increased activity indicated anxiety.
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play Kalin has previously conducted research that has shown that anxiety behaviors of young monkeys and young children are very similar.
"Children whose brain areas show increased activity are much more likely to be depressed, more prone to anxiety than adolescence or adulthood, and need more alcohol for treatment."

Depressed children need more attention

According to the results published in the journal Nature, it is possible to prevent the child from feeling anxious all the time. "I think the sooner we can intervene with children, the more it will be possible for them to live a happy life that is not limited by their anxiety and depression.
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