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Don't get into the price of sugar!

Don't get into the price of sugar!

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You can even avoid getting pregnant with diabetes if you follow our eating tips right from the start! Zsuzsa Bajor, the dietitian of the Kitchen of Angels, now recommends a rich diet of fiber and white.

The Kitchen of Angels recommends: During pregnancy, hormones in the lungs may reduce the use of insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels. And this can lead to more severe blood sugar fluctuations even in healthy infants. Because this process can take some time, the sugar test is part of pregnancy care. Better back then be careful with carbohydrates! Study the glycemic index of raw materials: this is a measure of how much a given food raises the level of glucose relative to glucose. Avoid High Glycemic Index Foods! You can also use xylitol instead of sugar instead. You can consume most of the fruits and vegetables, but the potatoes, rapeseed, target, bananas, dried fruits, grapes and sweets keep them high in color! Instead of refined flour and home-cooked foods, you choose fiber and wholemeal raw materials, such as whole wheat flour, brown rice, wheat, rye, oats. There is no doubt that the utilization of carbohydrate is also influenced by the way in which it is prepared. Long cooking time, blending, purifying accelerates the absorption and increases the effect of glucose. High fiber, fat and protein levels reduce the rate of carbohydrate digestion and thus the glycemic index of food. It has high protein content in meat, fish, dairy products and, for example, lentils. Choose the leaner breeds to avoid excessive weight gain.
Eat regularly and often little, so you can avoid the sharp drop in your blood sugar levels due to fasting, and then the ensuing binge eating.Garnished with zucchini lentil salad
I approached this person:
my zucchini
a red rape
a smaller celery ball
a lens (2 deci)
two smaller heads with purple onions
a bunch of parsley
a clove of garlic
juice of a lemon
so tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
so a tablespoon of whole wheat flour
15 deca crumbs
a teaspoon of Provencal spice mixers
For cooking 4 deci, some olive oil
Immerse the lens in cold water for half a day. Afterwards, cook some light scraps of baby beans for 40-60 minutes. Allow it to cool, and in the meantime, cut the carrot and celery into small, thin stomachs. Mix the raw greens with the cold lentils and chopped parsley. You can mix salad dressing from olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic - if you need it, you can make it with a teaspoon of xylitol. Cut the zucchini into rings, then fry it in water, flour, Provencal spices and tossed pancakes, and fry them in hot oil. Exceptional cold lunch.
Energy and nutrient content per serving:
Energy: 540 kcal
White: 17 grams
Bench: 6 grams
Carbohydrate: 65 grams


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