Exercise with your baby!

As the little one turns, do you want to go back to the gym again, but don't know who to play with? Take it as close as you can and try out the kid!

Run more and more frequently edzхtermek She moves with her toddler to school. While their parents are training hard, they are spending their time healthy and having fun. In the field of gymnastics education a kids in play form they can improve their coordination skills and become an integral part of their daily routine, so they start having regular currency in adulthood to exercise. Regina Németh, a Thor Gym children's trainer, helped me outline how each activity was going on and what the kids could gain on the move, in addition to the many frantic minutes.

Safe Feet (1-3 yrs)

Are you a little curious why the little one should train when he just learned to ride? It is because the mozgбs promotes brain development - facilitates language learning, improves problem solving, and the more you connect, the easier it will be to connect with people in the immediate world. Of course not tournament series You have to think about set little kids, the wicket-turner's much more entertaining. "In this young age, concentration is primarily the goal," says Regina Nemeth. - The little ones get to know their own bodies as they cook and swing and rotate, and the exercises on the fitball and the jumping mat improve the balance.
Favorite exercises: swimming, trekking, trekking, running, jumping, ball bearers.

Photo: Europress

Not too careful (3-5 yrs)

At this age, the predominance of the little ones will almost disappear from the energy, and the parents will not win kifбrasztani the child at the end of the day. Regina Németh also agrees that educators are more demanding of diversity and more difficult to book. In addition to concentration, tasks such as balance sensing, advanced movement control, and the correct use of hand and foot are also a priority. These can be fully practiced by one gyerekgerendбn or kids up for promotion, but they love line racing, for example, because they already have a sense of competition and ambition.
Favorite exercises: running, jumping, looping, climbing, running.

Active Early Childhood Education (5-7 yrs)

After all the days of living and deciphering, it is the dream of all schoolchildren to let off some steam, but this testnevelйsуrбk they do not always provide an opportunity. The "oldest" have a lot more complex tasks, but of course, playfulness dominates. Jumping, back-and-forth with loops, obstacles and a jumpbox can help improve their time-to-space dynamics, says the instructor.
Favorite exercises: rotation, running, jumping, throwing, balancing.