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Defeat in a friendly environment

There are several departments and specialist hospitals in the city of Tûzoltу Street that welcome children from the capital and the surrounding area, or from any part of the country for specific illnesses.

The Children's Clinic at Tыzoltу Street in short:
- The clinic admits patients from the New Age to the age of 18
An outpatient appointment can be made with the referral of a general practitioner or other specialist, or in urgent cases. No further referrals are required for patients regularly treated in the clinic. Most outpatient clinics accept patients by appointment (except: hematology, otolaryngology, wound surgery, radiology)
- 24-hour admission or care services are available at the general outpatient clinic without prior registration, but referral is also required in urgent cases
- No infectious patient, only diarrheal patient will be admitted with clinic excluded
- As clinic education is ongoing, it is important to consider that medical students are also involved in healing work.
- It was one of the first Hungarian children's health institutions, able-bodied citizens were created in the nineteenth century. However, we provided state-of-the-art support between the old walls, the conditions of which are created by means of several foundations. This year-on-year social support makes it possible for developers to reconstruct obsolete buildings, and from this we can ensure further training of the staff - begins the discussion in the clinic. Gyöngyi Black, who not only collects, researches, teaches and leads the church, but also, as he says, works as an official sponsor. Professor Black finds the situation in the pediatric profession a bit disappointing.
- I am worried that many colleagues are reluctant to make a living instead of doing a scientific job. Our task, besides healing, would be to prepare for healthy adulthood, but without the high level of socially recognized children's healing, it would be difficult to perform such tasks. Declining medical care and the hardships caused by anemia also have to be faced by pediatric clinics.
In addition to the director, Judit Aranyosi Gabborne, the chief executive of the institution, is also taking part in the management she has learned in the Netherlands. You need to recreate the hospital's fire department, the most enduring of the days of little patients spent here. Tells me, it happened that a polish woman spent a full day at work, then got a better offer, and instead chose it. But the majority is committed, many have been working here for decades.
- In addition to nursing care, the nurses, if necessary, wash the children's clothes, and they often play the role of a baby mama. We have also been chosen as a buff who watches those who spend their sick days alone. They would always receive the remnants of the jutein.
Rare diseases
If the baby is suspected of having a congenital disease, a clinical examination is required. In addition to genetic testing of diseased children and their family members, the National Genetic Network has been involved in research into various genetic diseases. The first place in the country was chromosome analysis, and the molecular genetic laboratory is the national focal point for DNA research.
The clinic is expected to play an important role in the care of the premature babies of Budapest and Pest County, and the Thirteen-bedded Perinatal Intensive Center (PIC) receives a little more than a year. You have the option of repairing machine maintenance, treating and following up with serious cases. There were nine little patients lying in the three wards. This is almost a full house, as there is little space left when the Peter Cerny Foundation Rescue brings a new patient.
The child is still in intensive care before being raised. This class includes surgeons and those who require a permanent observer because of their condition. But it sometimes happens that the Central Registry of Hospitals also requests a place. "On average, little patients stay with us for six days," says Dr. Veronika Kovács, head of the department, who also rescues.
The specialty of the Tыzoltу Street Clinic is the cure for children with cancer of the cancer system and cancer. Here is the National Oncology Center for Hematology, as well as the national records of minors suffering from this type of disease. Domestic cancer children are treated in about one-third of this hospital, with a seventy-percent healing rate. In addition to leukemias, most children with brain tumors and bone cancers are interrupted. Multiple stages of treatment of a patient take up to several years, so the clinic pays special attention to making it a pleasant stay. In the playroom of the oncology-hematology department, there are two computers, lots of games, books, and manual supplies for children. "Let's get the infusion out, too," says Kati, who plays with little patients not only in the roof terrace oasis. It also brings toys, plasticine, paint when someone can't visit it in a friendly, colorfully painted playhouse. The works of the inhabitants of the two classes can be found everywhere on the walls and windows.
Accommodation with parents
When it comes to upgrading a department, the interiors are designed to suit today's needs. In more than a century, this is often not an easy task! Last year's "triple" class, which includes sick patients and children with catarrhal feverishness, coughing, has painted walls and furniture everywhere. Even the fish on the treatment ceiling are painted, and colorful cabinets hide medical instruments. There are two baby-mama rooms in the class, one equipped with a separate bathtub; busy hours are usually booked. In nephrology, it usually takes only a few days to check for different kidney problems, lung diseases, and it takes some time for kidney therapists or kidneys to complete.
Today, it is only natural for a baby to stay with his baby at night. If space is provided, bedding is provided next to the little one, when there is no other way to do it, you can still sleep inside, just under a little uncomfortable conditions: in armchairs or in a chair. A parent's few days may also ask for one hundred forints. Baby-mama rooms include free and letting change. Very popular is the form of day care when the child is only in the hospital during the treatment and examinations and you can spend the night at home.
Zsuzka has been admitted to the clinic with a suspected illness, Williams syndrome. At birth, he discovered that he had a pulmonary artery, so he had to go to a doctor more often. The two-and-a-half-year-old baby was developing a little slower, and they went to the Early Development Center, but he was in the house for the first time. During the three-day trial, he was only slightly worn by the taxpayer. Since she didn't have to lie down, she could spend the night at home. Although the results of the bar are good, a final diagnosis will still require a genetic examination.
Georgina says the pediatric center of the clinic helped a lot with healing. A smiling teenager has a brain tumor. Coming from a Transdanubian town, Tыzoltу Street Clinic now lives in one of the six Click Apartments in the oncology department with her mother. Georgin does not have to lie, leaving here for a month for all the steamed radiation treatment at Kékgolyу Street, the Oncology Institute. Eating out in the city, or relaxing on a sunny day. A playground between the gyms awaits the children.