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Mom and baby

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During the post-natal period, many couples often experience fewer or fewer lifetimes of sexual activity. No matter how natural this is, it is worthwhile to pay attention to what really happens in the minds of women and moms and dads.

Now, let's talk about the other side, the male, or the Newborn. Women who have begun to have sex may be welcomed into the bedroom by a housewife who has been abandoned or rejected.Zoltбn he was looking for a fresh father with the problem that when the baby was born, they were almost sibling with the couple. He almost insulted himself when his sexual desires were attacked - because he was considered Madonna's spouse - and didn't dare to start it they love each other very much, but somehow their sexuality has disappeared from their relationship. During our conversations, taboos brought home that were unknowingly disruptive arose. After being able to talk about these sensations, she was able to treat her couple again, and her sexuality slowly returned to her marriage.

It is worth paying attention to what plays in the minds of men and women

Many times she is innocent before her husband's total alienation, and often gets sick because she thinks her couple are looking for rewards elsewhere. If there is no sign that the quail is being ripped off, on the contrary, it is very attentive, helpful and family-oriented, and is probably all about it.

Intimate fire

After childbirth, men are reluctant to relate (even) to the superhero. Formerly a woman with only love and desire, now only the mother is able to discover. And motherhood - because of its attachment to its own mother, induces the return of sentiment suppressed by taboos - it has a sinful effect on the sexual desire And for sexuality.As a mother cannot be the object of her love desires, so the father in this completely new situation - the mother of her children - can not look sexually attractive, excited women. Of course, all this is unconsciously formulated in them, so men are also precarious before the phenomenon. They do not appreciate the change that has occurred in their feelings of diminishing their sex drive. In such a case, it is not advisable to force or question them, but rather to create an intimate atmosphere where they can be alone and have their child-friendly activities in the backyard.

Suppressed temper

The excess may find it grieving if your husband complains about the outside or asking you to do more. However, it is worth listening to and listening to the criticism and requests of our couple, because it can help us a lot if we find out what you want us to change, and maybe you also accept, listen to our problems, please to change those who are mistaken for their couple, but it somehow doesn't work - the idea is not followed by the act - then it may be that you have a stomach of accumulated love and fortitude. Unconsciously envies the chick who goes out to the world every day, attends business weekends, dinners and serves only at home. Hidden resistance begins to work against the desires of others: I do not even make you fulfill your expectation that you look beautiful.

Tightly integrated

It may also be the hens they are unconsciously shy the excesses and the fact that only one woman is able to carry and give birth to a child. After the baby is born, the male is reluctant to face the fact that his wife devotes almost all his time, energy, and last but not least to love the baby. , you may experience fatigue. After all, the degree of affection, anxiety in which the infant now has been, has been exclusively given to him in the past. Sensing refusal and expulsion can diminish sexual desire. It is important for the woman to make her couple know that the arrival of a baby is a common experience in which both are involved and their couple is not left out of nothing. Also, be aware that even though they are three at a time, their couple and intimacy are as important as they were before. Don't just keep your sex life closed because your childbirth has been successful. It is in the interest of all parents to have a happy, sexually pleasurable relationship over the long haul.


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