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Ventilating is dangerous in Budapest

Ventilating is dangerous in Budapest

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Due to the increase in the concentration of light dust in the atmosphere, Deputy Mayor István Tarlús ordered a smog alert in Budapest until further action.

The Fхpolgбrmesteri Office kцzlemйnye the kismйretы szбllу powder szбmнtott one day бtlageredmйnye januбr 3 бn the vбros hбrom, mнg januбr 4 йn цt mйrхpontjбn elйrte йs exceeded tбjйkoztatбsi kьszцbйrtйket the kцbmйterenkйnt 75 micrograms йs under meteorolуgiai elхrejelzйsek vasбrnap jelentхs javulбs not vбrhatу .According to air purity regulations, increasing levels of a pollutant may, at first, result in health limits, A level of information is ordered when the short-term exposure to dust above the exposure limits poses a risk to particularly vulnerable groups of the population (children, the elderly, chronic patients).
According to a statement from the Mayor's Office, populations at risk are those with respiratory and circulatory disease, infants, children and the elderly, active and passive smokers. We recommend that they avoid areas that are subject to significant machine traffic, sections, and avoid ventilation, outdoor activities.
According to the information, one third of the autumn dust level in the capital city of Budapest can be derived from household solid fuel, most of which is fuel oil, while one sixth can be linked to transport emissions. A small amount of fine dust is a liquid or solid particulate matter in the air, with a size in the range of 0.001 to 100 micrometers. The risk of light dust is related to its particle size: particles smaller than 10 micrometers are more hazardous to health than larger particles because they can enter the respiratory system more easily.


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