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From here you can guess that your menopause is near

A change in our sexual life may also indicate that the last menstrual period is about to occur and has begun to change.

Experts at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have found that women have experienced a slight decrease in their sexuality over the last seven continues.As Nancy Avis, the lead researcher, reports, the sexual function of women begins to decline with age, but the debate over whether it is menopause, aging, or other physical, psychological, . In the course of the current examination, it was also found that women who had undergone premenopausal men who came to participate in a survey that began in 1996. The survey showed that among those who underwent natural menopause, sexual dysfunction was influenced by their ethnicity, with Af that during the examination, it was also clear that women have important sexuality, more than 75% of respondents considered sex important in their lives, and it For more information on this segment of life, such as menopause, or just about the believer.