What an adventure at Lake Fertil Familypark! (X)

Located in St. Margarethen, Lake Fertõ's Familypark is Austria's largest leisure park, with more than 80,000 guests over 140,000 square meters, and is open to visitors.

Even the smallest can buy from a very wide selection. Travel with your parents or grandparents a Hans und die Bohnenranke by train or by cows and goats, tractor they can discover the peasant farm. THE Waldtierrennen (Forest Race), you can go with a father or mother to a rabbit or snowshoe and start a fun forest trip in March. The Oldtimer Convoywith the gnomes to visit the country and the enchanted Mдrchenwaldban (fairy tale) meet their favorite fairy tale characters. On hot summer days, many water players provide cool-blood cooling. And who can never fail you: the mascot of the park, Filippo Candy! Gцtterblitz (divine lightning) roller coaster racing, or Rattenmьhle (old mill) family cyclone can take part in a tumultuous journey up high. THE Rцmerturmbуl (Roman tower) has a unique, 360 degree view of the Rust and the Fertk.

The Fertõ Lake Familypark opens its doors in the new season on April 5, and of course there are plenty of new things to discover this season too: Fassltanz (wearer) attraction, the family can swing in a gentle spin on a wine carrier, and the friends can risk a flight Flug mit dem Adler (flying with sass). In May, the fully transformed animal pamphlet, a Aunt Mizzi's kleine Farmon (Little Mici's farm) Various animals are caressing and observing from the immediate vicinity.
In addition to the many vehicles, the Fertõ Lake Familypark awaits its visitors with numerous adventures, such as the scoreboard players, the training opportunities and many other interesting things. Comfortable paths lead through the idyllic park, where there are many pleasant places to stay. The whole area of ​​the park is wheelchair and wheelchair friendly.
There is no shortage of culinary delights at the Fertõ Lake Familypark. In the 11 restaurants, everyone is guaranteed to have their teeth. The restaurants are also extraordinary, and the cuisine is prepared with the appropriate food.
With a wide range of attractions for all ages, the Fertõ Lake Familypark is an ideal destination for all the family!
Groups, schools and schools are also welcome!
Opening hours
Fertõ Lake Familypark is open daily from April 5, 2014 to October 26, 2014.
April - September: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm URBAN, enter 5 PM URBAN, players: 10 AM - 6PM URBAN
October: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm URBAN, enter 4 PM URBAN, players: 10 AM - 5PM URBAN
Opening hours can change in bad weather.