Use a new tool to reduce your child's gambling addiction

With QTIME, parents can preset how long their children can play each day.

Use a new tool to reduce your child's gambling addictionWith the help of the new tool, QTIME (short for Quiet Time), parents can preset the daily play time of their children. QTIME is a smart HDMI cable that connects wirelessly to your home wi-fi router, PC, PS4 or Xbox, and with an application after a preset time, the power will be turned off.The device sends a warning ten minutes before the game expires, so you will know that your game time will expire soon. QTIME alerts parents when the player is trying to bypass the game. In addition, he constantly measures daily play time and statistics about how long the child is playing.James Potter, a BSc student at the University of Bath and his father worked on the device for two years. According to the developers, parents gave positive feedback on the test during the test period. The developer was motivated by a personal example: in the past, James' father used every tool to take away his son's play. With QTIME, parents can prevent their children from spending a lot of time playing digital games.
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