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Prediabetes Kitty: Short and significant

Prediabetes Kitty: Short and significant

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There are more shortcuts to prediabetes, and often people have not seen strange letter combinations. Dr. Marietta Porochnavecz, Diabetes Center of the Diabetes Center, describes these as significant.

Prediabetes Kitty: Short and significant


IR is insulin resistance rцvidнtйse. The mildest form of your pre-diabetes condition, however, is important to take seriously, as without proper treatment, it can develop into a relatively short period of time and eventually lead to type 2 diabetes. In the case of insulin resistance, it is produced by the pancreas insulin is not recognized by cells, it does not stop it, so insulin cannot work (that is, it is unable to deliver glucose to cells) .This results in the accumulation of sugar in the blood and the body it produces more and more insulinHowever, there is a great risk that the pancreas will eventually develop, causing diabetes. Unfortunately, IR often develops latent, but if you have symptoms, it is usually called menstrual complaints, pregnancy difficulties, overweight, and increased hair loss. The treatment can be based on lifestyle changes (personalized diet, regular exercise) and, if necessary, medication.


In the case of insulin resistance, there is usually only a negative change in the insulin values ​​and possibly the loaded sugar values, but the level of fasting glucose remains within the reference range. In the case of IFG, however, fasting blood glucose levels are expected to be slightly elevated, ie 6.1 mmol / l, but still below 7 mmol / l. According to statistics, within 5 years of treatment (life-threatening, medication), almost half of the patients develop type 2 diabetes.


IGT has a reduced glucose tolerance and differentiates from IFG in this case that there is no significant increase in fasting glucose (<7mmol / l), with a 120 minute load of 11.8 mmol / l, It is between 1 mmol / l - he says dr. Porochnavecz Marietta, Diabetes Center of the Diabetes Center.


The HOMA index helps to determine insulin resistance. This is done by multiplying the fasting blood glucose value and the fasting insulin value by dividing it by 22.5. If it is above 2, you can refer to IR. However, it is important to know that the HOMA index is only too small to accurately diagnose the condition!


The OGTT is oral glucose tolerance test meaning the glucose load test. It aims to control diabetes and prediabetes. In most cases, the fasting and 120 minute values ​​are measured. The test takes place after passing through the test and after drinking the first stomach has 75 grams of glucose syrup. This is done by prematurely taking a fingerprint test of blood glucose values ​​and only at values ​​below 7.2 mmol / l, says a specialist.

What if the exam indicates a problem?

If the values ​​fall outside the reference range, so visit your diabetes, who compares the complaints and the results to determine the exact diagnosis. It basically provides the patient with the appropriate treatment, which includes drug therapy and lifestyle (special, personalized diet and exercise program). If the patient follows the instructions exactly, the values ​​will be improved and the condition will be avoided.
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