Pneumococcus is one of the first 10 fish to die

Pneumococcus is one of the first 10 fish to die

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Pneumococcal disease is one of the first 10 fish to die, with nearly 800,000 children lost each year.

Pneumococcus is one of the first 10 fish to diePneumococcal bacterial disease is a global and serious global health problem, an enormous burden on the health care system. It is one of the top 10 fish deaths: 14,5 million cases a year, and nearly 800,000 children are lost every year due to microbial attack. We have a powerful weapon in our hands against the defenders - call attention Dr. Béres Zsuzsanna, an ophthalmologist at the Buda Oltoku Center.
Lung inflammation-related deaths have hardly changed in the past 60 years, from just 13% to 12%. He also monitors the use of antibiotics. Good results can only be expected from the widespread use of vaccinations. The latest type of conjugate vaccines can provide significant help in the widespread prevention of the disease. The bacterium was isolated by Pasteur in 1881, but the relationship between pneumococcal disease and its causes was still not clear. In 1940 there were about 80 variants known, now we have 94 variants. These variants are different in their capsular polysaccharides and are called serotypes. These groups are different in terms of diseased abilities, as the external surface structure plays a key role in cellular attachment. 62% of medically very serious cases are responsible for only 10 types.

What is the Carrier Status, Why Is It Important?

The bacterium can be a reservoir of the gut, even if it is asymptomatic, which means that it can be detected in 5-90 out of 100 people. Presence can be influenced by age-related, respiratory infections. The so-called carriers are the key factors in the spread of the disease. Clinical appearance of the disease:
The most common are: pneumonia, bloodstream infections, meningitis, but they can also cause microbial inflammation, inflammation of the nasal passages - these are the milder forms. Types combined with bloodstream infections always have a worse outcome. Sputum infection spreads with a latency of 1-3 days. Symptoms may include: fever, chills, productive cough, chest pain, numbness, fast heart rate, weakness. Concerning the central nervous system: loss of consciousness, hypotension, headache, light-headedness, nausea, light-headedness. The picture may vary.

Why Brutal Flu And Pneumococcus? What is the reason for synergism (great synergy)?

Research from recent years has shown that in the background of the extraordinary high death rate following the 1918-19 pandemic, not only the mutated influenza A strains but also the pneumococcus caused by the disease increased to over 50. This fact has been proved by examining the pulsatian samples of the deceased. Viral infection causes severe damage to the glands of the respiratory tract, which results in increased bacterial adhesion and damage to the bacterial mechanisms of the body. Molecules that are recognized by the bacterial receptor are deposited on the surface of the goblet cells. Of course, other microbes can also play a role in superinfection, but pneumococci is the leader.

In what cases can we expect the bacterium to have a higher currency target?

The disease mainly affects children under 5 years and over 50 years. Within this, the incidence of the disease is extremely high at 1 year of age, and over the age of 50, these values ​​jump again as the age progresses. The tiny immune system is still immature, but as we get older, our immune system physiologically loses its full capacity. It is in these cases that vaccinees can provide emergency care and significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease in this age group.

What are your conditions for increasing the risk of developing a disease compared to a healthy person?

The above table speaks for itself: after loss of cytoplasmic function or loss of lymphoid function, the body's ability to function is lost to a large number of encapsulated bacteria and is almost innocuous. These protections are extremely important.

Where are we now?

In our country, as of October 2008, vaccines are available for infants and toddlers, and is a must-have in 2014. With the increase in inoculation, the palette of serotypes was significantly rearranged. By 14, by 2010, this type had completely disappeared, previously 20% of serious cases were present in our country. The carrier status of the strains present in the vaccine was completely eliminated. Significantly, the number of morbidities is reduced, not only in the two-year age group, because if the child carries the so-called carrier condition, they are also less likely to pass on the bacterium. The connection has been established. The rate of hospitalization for cerebral inflammation and pneumonia was also significantly increased.

How Effective is Protective Disposal Available?

Well over 100 million cases have been used with advanced conjugate vaccine containing serotype 13, with safety. One of the largest vaccine efficacy studies to date is also available. In more than 80,000 people, the "role" of the vaccine was tested, which showed a 45% reduction in the incidence of community acquired pneumonia and a 75% reduction in the incidence of invasive disease. Over 90, the number of countries where the national immunization program is part of the vaccine against pneumococci today.Related articles in pneumococcus:
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