3 + 1 idea for room cleanliness

3 + 1 idea for room cleanliness

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Diaper abandonment is an important tool for a toddler's development. A big step up in high school is just as important as a child going through this period. Here are practical tips for this.

As with all topics related to parenting, opinions are shared about what is right, how and when for room purity. We don't want to give you a clue, because every child has a different mindset, but we give you ideas on what can help you make the change.

1. Patience, patience, patience

We may do everything perfectly, but a child's habits of room cleanliness can only succeed if he or she is physically prepared. Although the nervous system is altered over the age of one year, the child is able to voluntarily regulate his or her locking muscles, but only for a short period of time, approx. It is able to hold urine out of the stimulus for 15 seconds. As the nervous system develops, so does the urinary retention time. In the meantime, there will be nothing more than endless patience. Let's try to approach an adult: do not threaten, scold, emotional blackmail or simply reward a child for room cleanliness.

2. Bili-mesik

Leaving the diaper is a good idea to get ready for the party, but you may have to not interested in billiards. This can occur especially in children who have no older siblings and the child has never been able to party in the immediate environment. "Potty-mesйketOf course, these storybooks don't have to be pushed into the hands of a kid on the pool or toilet, because they are just distracting from the task at hand.

3 + 1 idea for room cleanliness

3. Summer is the best time to leave the diaper

Let's take advantage of this time and let the baby spend more time with his buttocks. In the garden, on the terrace, this is the ideal solution because you are sure to have "accidents" at first. However, these "accidents" are also useful because the child can what happens to him peeing and pooping.If the guy or stone does the job, show him to see this is his pee, kaki. Say, if you feel the closest resemblance to a stimulus, you might try to use the toilet, as dad and mom do. The opportunity to reward adults is always wasted, so this is exactly what we are aiming for.

+1 Let's talk about the topic openly in front of the child

It is important that we talk to him about this over a period of change. Let's ask him and we'll tell him everything: why is it time to leave the diaper, what happens to things in the toilet, and so on. If the child senses that this is a natural process, if he / she does not feel taboo in the family, then it will be a matter of course for him / her.Related articles in Room Cleanliness:
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