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The biggest myths about ticks

The biggest myths about ticks

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The biggest myths about ticks

We spend more and more time doing outdoor sports or just working in the garden, but there is a little free rider who neither of us likes to take home from roaming or even from the garden to the yard. According to experience, the tick season reaches its peak in May-June. There are many infected areas in Hungary, but not all cases are infected. Regardless of whether a tiger or an outdoors-filled duluth is following us, our deceiving members, "Ticks are not the cause of famine, but they are the cause of death. we find ourselves as soon as we lose it! More importantly, we have to protect ourselves with proper clothing, tick repellents, vaccines to prevent diseases. is the most dangerous disease transmitted by ticks, infectious meningitis.Visual treatment is mainly recommended for those who have a long time outdoors, in the woods, whether they are a child or a summer child. tomorrow, the second is due, and then the defense is coming, "he said dr. Zsuzsanna appears infectologist, a member of the Buda Health Center. There are numerous homicides and home practices related to ticks on the Internet. These are often more than worth using, so always check with your doctor before you try them, or ask your doctor!1. The ticks are jumping / falling from the fur.
The tick is not woody and does not like the sunny, dry environment. Its most common occurrence is dark, high humidity or frosty undergrowth.2. Turn the tick anti-clockwise and then release the skin to remove it lightly.
The tick does not need to be twisted. If you do not have a specially designed tick for this purpose, grasp it with a smooth tweezer and pull it out of the skin with a determined motion!3. It is advisable to lubricate the tick with oil, butter or glue to drown and then remove it easily.
Avoid any solution that may result in tick drowning, grooming, or crushing, as this will increase the risk of infection.4. If the head of the tick is torn apart during removal, it is important to remove it!
If the skin of the tick is visible to the naked eye (not the head), do not soil it, as this will only cause irritation and an inflammatory reaction. Our organization does not look out for itself in the short term.5. In all cases, disinfect the nipple area!
Surface treatment to prevent infections transmitted by the tick is ineffective, but disinfection does not hurt, especially if the spot is bloody or defective.6. The vaccine provides protection against all diseases transmitted by the tick.
The known vaccine against ticks does not prevent ticks, and its active ingredient only protects against tick-borne encephalitis. There is no specific drug therapy for treating it, so we can prevent it by dripping it or by pre-emptive vaccination.
- What to watch out for during the tick season?
- How do we deal with the tick?


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