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Elizabeth Courthouse Order, Harbor Field

Elizabeth Courthouse Order, Harbor Field

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Although the birth of a few years ago is small, women can be born with good conditions and excellent professional help. (Let's look at January 2010 status.)

Dr. Apró Gyцrgy
Photograph: Attila Tйsik

The birth of the funeral home hospital is revolutionizing the visions that affect the gloom. The ninety-year-old class, age-focused, is one of the funniest places in the institution. After all, birth is a scene of terrific events, but it doesn't matter what kind of environment women live for in moments of motherhood. Dr. Kallai, Director-General of the Institution, considers the operation of the Department of Childbirth as a lament and emphasizes that the local patriotism of women in the military field is important to keep in mind.
Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, dr. Professor Gyorgy Aprun also talks about his work with dedication, though he can hardly deny having problems. - We are dealing with other problems as a capital institution, and we have financial wisdom that our class is alive, it works, so high-speed emergency procedures can be performed when needed. There are five cribs in the parent's room, and a separate crib may be available if one is preparing for a paternal birth. Of course, alternative tools are also available, with a ribbed wall and a "ball", and they take into account the individual needs for cut-off and joint insertion, if possible. Epidural anesthesia can be achieved most of the day. Most of the dressing is done under anesthesia, and the father can see the operation through a small window.
- Cesarean sections can be done almost immediately if complications arise during childbirth, says the chief physician, because in the county, the only way we can get inside islands, just minutes away. The rate of cuttings is low compared to the national level. We are aware of the need to have fewer pregnancies as part of our good working order for teenage women.
We support not only fatherhood but also, following Western European practice, being able to coexist with the mother during childbirth. However, it is not uncommon for a grandmother or father to have a friend or a dad inside.

Eszter Papp-Lukács baby girl
guiding the babies
Photograph: Attila Tйsik

- We think it is very important that the babies born here can be breastfed well by their mother. An exceptional team of guardians work on the beds. We also support mothers who need to come back to the class with their baby or stay with us for a little while. We have created a nursing place where they can feed their children.
The head of department would like to implement a number of plans at birth, including a paid hotel-room besides the traditional ones. Rooming-in placement is available to everyone, though not mandatory, and many do not want to spend their baby's room in the same room with their baby. Six obstetricians and nine obstetricians help local maternity babies not only to maintain a high standard of care, but also to be safe and professional.Facts, figures
  • Number of births in 2008: 421.
  • The proportion of cuttings is 22 percent.
  • There is a single and a single-bed room.
  • There are two single beds, four double beds and one double bed room in the class.
  • There is no option to choose a parent.
  • A 24-hour rooming-in service is also available.
  • There is a parenting training course and a gymnastics gym.
  • No pay rooms.
  • The father can't be inside the cupcake.
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