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The favorite two-wheeler is 13-24 months old

The favorite two-wheeler is 13-24 months old

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The second year is sure to come. What's up: running! He starts to talk, but at least he has done almost everything. More and more exciting things can be played together!

Your favorite two-wheeler

He is farther afield as he explores a world of explorers. Relocation improves awareness, direction, distance, and social skills. She learns where she goes with the small motor, how to avoid obstacles, and where the point when she needs to turn back is that she'll be in trouble. he is safer, hands are released. Follow us in the apartment, mimic what we do. He raises the phone to his head with a serious face, as does dad and mom, and he is long-starved. He also develops his craftsmanship, enjoys drawing, finger-painting, drawing. He begins to speak, expressing himself more and more accurately. The bar loves to play with other kids in the park, in the community, you are not sharing any of your games yet. Sandy, swing, paddling is a popular outdoor play area.

What do we play?

You can catch your attention for a long time when loading and unloading. It builds up towers from stackable cubes to simple puzzles. He lovingly imitates animal voices, lyrics, sayings, puns. His favorite things are music, voice playing, musical instruments, bells, drums. The movable, bathable dolls, the stroller, the kitchen utensils beginning roles important accessories.Perfect sliding and hauling games. In the apartment, on the street and on the playground, they are happily controlled. The small motor, the scooter, the rocking boots and the girls can count on success.
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