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Do you have a son? Learn the importance of feelings

Nowadays, parents with small children are well aware of the problems they have with raising their children to be violent and empowered. But for boys, feelings are just as important as for girls.

Generations of children have raised their children so that violence, ambition, and ability to judge are placed in every other hand. "A real man always gets what he wants," we could hear, and unfortunately, in the past he had serious and painful consequences. How can today's little boys be taught to respect their own feelings and each other, girls and boys?

Babies Ages

It is easy to think that boys simply do not have the richness and sensitivity as they do in boys - ñrja Melissa Dahl in an article on The Cut Web Portal. However, according to research, infancy is not as great in infancy as boys react to feelings and intimacy just as girls do. "There really is no need to raise boys to bring their feelings to life, because they have that ability from birth. It needs to be strengthened, nurtured," Niobe Way American psychologist.It is important that a boy can survive his senses


At the age of three, boys begin to test their attentiveness, weakness, and their ability to tune into the senses of others, and learn and learn them by the time they go to school. It is very important for a little boy to have a little girl friend. In a kindergarten, teachers introduced a "buddy program" that matched little boys and girls to work on a task together. It was found that those who participated in the program played much more together and were less aggressive than those who had no "mate" of the opposite sex.

In high school

During this period boys are capable of better understanding their own feelings - and this may be particularly necessary in certain situations. Howard C. Stevenson clinical psychologists, for example, seek to teach African-American boys how to respond to racist, slanderous remarks. "It is very important to be aware of what they are feeling and to be able to place the senses in their bodies. Do they have tension in their stomachs? to fight against bad sensations, "he says.


Surprisingly, the older they get, the less close friends they have - that is, there are fewer and fewer people who can honestly talk about their senses, despite the fact that there is a great need for it. As Niobe Way's son put it: "You can definitely be a good girl, because then you don't have to run out of your senses completely."

Gender does not mean gender

You may be for years, maybe decades, from the moment your son begins to have a sexual life, but according to experts, it is important to begin to teach them respect and what it means to be a member Decide on intimate togetherness. "I don't think a great, magical conversation about these topics is enough. It is more important that our parents acknowledge that our son is also capable of suppressing feelings, and dealing with them" Christia Brown evolutionary psychology.Forrбs: The CutAlso worth reading:
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