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Rotate this with your child - Books from 3 to 6 years

The role of the tale changes from the age of 3, but its significance remains: it is the most important tool in the development of emotional intelligence. Reading a fairy tale is very important for a good fairy tale.

Rotate this with your child - Books from 3 to 6 yearsA good tale, or rather a well-chosen fairy tale, allows the child to process the events of the day, elaborate his or her anxieties, fears, and at the same time relax, relax. stories, pageant pagers are taken up by animal stories, chain stories, later short stories, and even more short stories. The story is more and more complex, and the child as well as woman can make a difference between the real world and the imagination. c. kцnyvйt.After the birth of poet Krisztina Tуth, a young, turned-son, Krisztina began to write children's books. "Murci's kitten is a small bun, born in the basement of the apartment complex. But as small as she is keen, she starts to see the world on a nice day. kezdхdnek !?
The volume is illustrated by Timkou Bbor. Read Murci's adventures here! Winner's Book of the Heart on It program by Drew Daywalt: The Day the Fibraries Raised, which is a funny story about the everyday life of fibrils. Orange and Lemon Fat are not really compatible with each other.
Read about the everyday life of the jury here! Katie Daynes: See what the stars are! c. his book was written for three-year-old children. The book tells you exactly what the stars are that shine in the sky and which ones are closest to us. Read more about the star adventure here!Related articles in fairy tale:
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