You think you're just fighting, not!

The baby of most parents is the first big communication gemstone to take the tiny first word, even though we are teasing us just before we can speak. Or, at least, it makes sense.

According to a recent study, in spite of all good intentions, the majority of parents overwhelmingly reinterpret their children's first communication attempts. Just before babies start talking and they can understand what they are saying (most often around the age of 10-14 months, though, this is different from a child), we need to talk to one of our Research Councils. analyzed the children participating in the study, from the age of ten months to the age of one year. The more often you showed or gave your baby a watch, the more often you used the toy rбmutatбstwhich is one of the great communication ladder. Indicates that the baby understands the words and wants to communicate. Researchers also observed other gestures that early signs of communication for example, rolling gestures, posting, bouncing, pointing, pointing and pointing at things, or just soliciting or shifting them.Elena Lievan, an ERSC professor, says babies are much better at communicating than we think. The practitioner believes that understanding the gestures of the little ones is as much and as important as understanding the early words. (In this case, the recipe refers to the meaning of the meaning of an object, including the meaning of the objects named among others, the verbs, signs, procedures, the meaning of the semantic relationship between the object of action, or the meaning of the word,. it is also very important that we do not panic if our baby is not rehearsing or we are not experiencing these gestures, talking to him, singing, telling him and keep all communication channels open. (VIA)