Strolling - Challenging or Standing?

Strolling - Challenging or Standing?

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Despite all the advantages of a stroller, there are many challenges that a baby carrier can bring to the city. It is an indispensable tool for transporting your child, but there are many places where they did not think that a stroller would arrive there.

Strolling is not always easy, either in the city or in a smaller village. In the capital city, the lack of a subway, especially the lack of a yard, can make everyday life even harder. Often there are helping hands and conscious babies trying to choose a lightweight stroller - know the limits of their environment - but still a series of difficult situations expect mom, dad and baby. "I remember when I started my first big trip with my son. He was a month old and I don't remember anymore, but I had to get into the doctrine to do that. I buy this. My boyfriend was out in the open, my friends were working, my grandparents were mean and I thought I would solve it smoothly. " Kati baby carriage, which - we won't surprise anyone with this - bristling. "I think the bus was the first shock. In the last month of my pregnancy, I didn't go anywhere very much. I wonder if you can help me, maybe I'll miss you. " Although today there is a growing number of low-floor buses, trams, but in many places, even without a stroller, it is a challenge to rent a car, not with a baby.

Stroller transport is not easy

The next sensitive point was the one below. Kati had no help here, so she got the stroller underneath her and got down. On the other hand, he did not dare to do so. An older Price rushed to the rescue. "As we climbed the ladder, I was scared to keep the kid from getting out of the car," he says. But his book didn't end there. The document office he was going to was not barrier-free, because of the many people who had come, he couldn't even get inside. She gave up after her bed, especially as the child became anxious. His walk led me to a little pharmacy where the two stairs turned out to be an insurmountable obstacle before the door, the kid fell asleep, didn't want to leave, so he put me off. "Because my A and B plans didn't work if I walk around a bit before heading off for a new adventure tour on the way home, "he says, he added this idea after a 2-foot bench. For months afterwards, he was only willing to drive by car if the kid was going somewhere. since then it has improved, in many places it has been barred but I still think really a serious challenge baby carriage and stroller "- sum up your experience and your opinion.


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