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Why doesn't a mother with a baby go back to work?

Why doesn't a mother with a baby go back to work?

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The employment of mothers with young children in Hungary is extremely low when compared to international data. What are some reasons why mothers cannot work while their children are small?

Why don't you go back to work with a small child?In Hungary, the proportion of mothers with small child labor is low at 13 percent, compared to the OECD average (53%) or the neighboring countries (56%). What could be the reason for this? Eszter Baranyi, Master of Science (BCE MNB Dept.), published on the Index.The reason can be many: cultural differences, family-friendly systems, but it is often used to test. Does Hungary have enough wisdom and what does it cost the family. According to a 2015 CSO analysis three-quarters of Hungarian women plan to stay home until their child reaches the age of three. Most plan to do so because they think a child has the best place next to their mother until high school. One third of respondents said that if they had a larger wage network, they would go back to work sooner. The net income of families is 4 бtlag 13 szбzalйkбval szemben.Itthon the bцlcsхdйsek tцbb as nйgyцtцdйt бllami (цnkormбnyzati) bцlcsibe нratjбk on, the rбadбsul utуbbi idхkben nцvekedett the fйrхhelyek szбma.Ha nйzzьk the kцltsйgeket then jelentхs eltйrйs there is that of a small child or бllami magбnbцlcsibe jбr requirements. It is higher than the national salary (11-14 percent), but it is still in the middle of the world, that is, they do not leapfrog compared to other countries, even taking into account children who are much higher. that other aspects of mothers staying at home are prominent, it may be the case that, during pre-school age, it is better for a child to be at home with his / her mother than to be at home.
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