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Children's mouth - Luci's sayings

Children's mouth - Luci's sayings

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There are few fun things about little kids' remarkable conditions. Now we have Luci's gold pictures in our Children's Box.

Luci (2 years old, 8 months)

Luci: - Grandma's name is Ilona.
Йn: - And what's the other name, what kind of Ilona?
Luci: Saint Helena.
(Come in from the garden :)
Йn: - What are you doing, Lucik?
Luci: - I was busy! I racked up the pears, ate the dried currants from the bush. But I asked for a snack because it was very dry ...
Йn: Look, Luci, there's a snail here!
Luci: - I wasn't I, I wasn't, I really wasn't, seriously !!!
Luci: - Mom, draw me a rat!
Йn: - I don't think I can ...
Luci: - Nice, nice, nice! I hope you don't worry, it will work ...
Йn: Luci, will you come with me to help Rocky?
Luci: - No, I'd rather dance at home.
Luci: - I do not want to go to the lavender, but rather to stay in Mama's arms, in your body !!
Luci: - Mom, nice to you, massaging my back if possible! (У, huh !!)
Йn: - Unfortunately, I don't know right now.
Luci: - Of course not! You press it with your fingers, you must!
Luci: - Mom, wash your hair with me, you will be as good, as good as… like… like a TEKNХS !!
Йn: Look, Luci, this little peppercorn has one eye. Single pepper.
Luci: - This pepper is lonely.
Йn: - But there are many!
Luci: - Many peppers alone beside each other! (I see it as a diminished meaning). Each pepper is unique!
Luci: - I can't see Rocky anywhere! You're not dark and Rocky is black ...
Luci: - I played a little bit with friends. I really didn't want to play. He didn't really want to play. Sibiri, yeah. She loves my garden, my dad, my flowers. I like playing Sari.
Luci: - Buy some kilt!
Йn: - We won't lose, no more money now.
Luci: Then let's get the money!
Йn: - Money cannot be taken.
Luci: Then we have to do it!
Luci: - The wolf eats the raven. Йn: - I don't think wolves eat rabies.
Luci: He's hard for him, he can't get it.
Luci to herself, in the midst of a moth: - I think… I am… a dog !!!!
Luci sits on the floor, dumbfelt, shouting, "Starting… Starting… Stepping…"


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