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More and more expectant mothers are learning to program themselves

More and more expectant mothers are learning to program themselves

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Due to the high salaries and flexible working hours, more and more young moms and dads are learning programming.

More and more expectant mothers are learning to program themselvesThe Progmatic Programming School points out that companies are specifically looking for female workers, which also promotes the return of mothers to the world of work. it was also confirmed by a recent research by the IT Association of States (IVSZ). "We are also seeing a growing demand for labor from firms," ​​he said Andrea Murakцzy, Executive Director of Progmatic.

Companies are looking for female programmers in particular

Outstanding salaries generated by the lack of professionals - up to 400,000 startups - and more and more are trained to program themselves through the excellence of their working environment. Progmatic's numbers show that ladies are more and more eager to learn this masculine profession, but the proportion of women participating in the training is still around 10 and 25 percent. "At the same time, the big companies we are about to move towards are more gender-balanced in the programming profession," said Andrea Murakцzy.

More and more mothers are opting for programming

Companies are also making steps to keep their workforce afloat, which makes programming ideal for young parents, according to the IVSZ study. Flexible working hours and the home office are a huge help to your toddler and can also help reverse the trend of getting your baby back into the world of work. Not to mention the fact that the majority of Hungarians consider it bad to go back to work from an early age, while accepting working from home as an alternative. " it is unique between 9 and 15, allowing young dads and moms to bring their little ones out of wilderness, udvodbull, and school, "said Andrea Murakzzy. The CEO of Progmatic pointed out that many of them had changed their students because they could not return to their original profession after childbirth, but it was also an example that the mother thought was not right for her.

They all got a job offer

"So far, every parent with a toddler has completed the training of a programming school, no matter what kind of balls they have, they have even got a job, just like our other student," emphasized Andrea Murakцzy. "Our step-by-step free online admission quickly reveals who has an affinity for programming, so there's virtually no dropout during the course, no wasting time or money for our students," added Progmatic.
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