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Toys with fingers

It is much easier to make them with gloves, and small children can make it easier for them, and even for a fairy tale, there are many elves in crafts.

The simplest fingers are the fingers themselves. Even annuals are happy to cry out when we approach a mosquito, a fluttering, musky-pointing finger, or pinch a small-fingered pike. The characters will be more unique if we draw a face on our finger. Currency dolls can be made of felt, mittens and mittens. Sew two pieces of 5x10 cm felt, turn it over and sew head and clothes out of the rest. It is simpler to glue a sheet of felt or colored paper around the fingers by gluing the tube and gluing the typical garment and face. Even with two gloves, you can move only two at a time, and your fingers can bring to life multi-actor tales. For example, you can march at the same time with a giraffe of the week, winding the head of a dragon, or have the baby's ten fingers all over the forest or the green.