Intimate hygiene is important even in childhood

Infections with unpleasant symptoms can occur even in childhood, and the chances of attacking the disease in summer are even greater. Especially the girls are exposed to infections during the beach season.

Babies can catch infections more easily

One of the most important elements of health care is proper personal hygiene, which includes keeping the intimate areas clean. However, many parents still deal with the issue taboo, although with proper communication, many problems could be prevented.
It is important that children learn the techniques of cleaning intimate areas from a very early age. For boys, it is prudent to wash their hands before and after peeing and to wipe their upper body, but little children need to pay more attention to the protection of sensitive areas, since this age Fluorite is therefore a common problem in the development of vaginal infections.Before the first menstrual period, the vagina is completely harmless to infections, and is particularly sensitive to infections, therefore, rarely can be spotted, and can occur in infants aged 4-5 years. "Children esetйben elsхsorban beszйlhetьnk bakteriбlis eredetы megbetegedйsrхl, which often do not have kьlsх sign mйgis unpleasant tьnetek, sбrgбs, zцldes, barnбs hьvelyvбladйk йs viszketйs tapasztalhatу often cause fertхzйst because of -no megfelelх tisztбlkodбs -.. Hьvelybe kerьlt szйkletbaktйriumok also йrdemes the problйma diagnosztizбlбsбhoz gyermeknхgyуgyбsz professionals to ask for help in a completely pain-free procedure, using ultra-light bars to smear the vagina to find out what's causing the problem, "dr. Erika Szabari is a specialist in nursing and nursing.
The risk of infections is even higher than usual during the beach season, but with a few simple rules, the risk of developing a disease in children can be minimized. "Ъszбs kцzben the pool vizйnek klуrtartalma kцnnyen felborнthatja the hьvely цkolуgiai rendszerйt, ezйrt fьrdхzйs utбn zuhanyozбs recommended. The water fьrdхruhбt cserйlni йrdemes minйl sooner szбrazra the kьlцnbцzх" felfбzбsos "tьnetek megelхzйse йrdekйben. Furthermore, it is very important to pay attention rб that homokozуban or on the beach never be completely naked with babies, because even wiping a small piece of sand into the vagina can cause serious problems, "the expert added.
However, even the little parents should not be afraid of the beach. The specialist pointed out that it's simple biology that babies can pick up infections more easily than boys, but they don't have to be scared. "In the case of babies, the superficial organs, the external genitals, and the ends are very close to each other, and the little one does not have the hair that protects the vagina, but it can last up to 3 days per day. "It regulates pH and has hydrating properties. Thanks to its active ingredients, it helps prevent problems and also makes intimate hygiene education more effective," said dr. Erika Szabari is a beautiful girl.Related to this topic:
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