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Three fantastic holiday wreaths by hand

The Christmas celebration has countless decorations and decorations, including wreaths. Because a wreath is not overly sad, not overly painful, it can be fun, bohemian, festive, uplifting and colorful.

Advent door knock

The Advent wreaths they are again popular today, but other wreaths made of decorative objects that can be placed on the front door, window or wall are unfortunately not. Even though they are moving home out of the box, there are also countless variants that children will go crazy about.

The berries are frozen

Unfortunately, as time goes by, there is no real chance that this wreath will freeze in the open, but in the dim light we can help the process. And, of course, if time goes by, it melts, but it looks nice on the balcony or in the garden for at least a couple of days.
You can find a detailed description of the wreath at, click here!


But we can get out into the garden, too. Or, if it doesn't, visit a nearby forest. If we hadn't collected it before and if the weather allowed it, we might still be able to pick up a few handfuls of color - before the birds devour the health.
In this case you can work with a glue gun, but the more fluffy ones can get wet. Only then do you exclude the child from the workplace so that they do not get in the way of work!

Cute Wall

Finally, a really special and kid-friendly piece. The candy bar. Is it sweeter than that? Not only is it divine - what a cat! - but you can still be kissed in the wings if the holidays are over! This is the piece that kids are sure will be happy to help without any questions!
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